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Partnerships for Inclusion by Mind Map: Partnerships for Inclusion
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Partnerships for Inclusion

Prototyping partnerships

Triple Helix

Players, University, Academia, Formal, University, research, Popular (non-formal) education & informal collaborative learning, Open university, Government, Public sector, Government, Administrative bureaucracy, "legislators, administrators, and arbitrators in the administrative bureaucracy who control a state at a given time, and to the system of government by which they are organized.", The public, Popular movements, Volunteers, Industry, Industry, Big, Business, Enterprise, Small enterprise, Social entrepreneurship/Micro economy, Small, Social entrepreneurship

K, A divided community, "The API Tree", Kista Learning Center, Why?, Kista Science City, competence cluster, Innovation & growth, economic, scientific, Stockholm Public Library @Kista, competence cluster & meeting point, Innovation & growth, unexpected meetings, culturally, socially, Library Plan 3.0: Library on the move, Play!, 1. Play & Learn, Recruit and develop relevent competencies, 21th Century Skills, 2. Play & Turn, Bridge gaps, burst the filter bubbles, serendipity, Foment the role of culture in society and city development, Increase participation in digital culture, 3. PLay & Earn, Decrease facility costs, focus on revenues, Digital Art Center, Kista Idea City, Idea Lab, A, Learning Lab, Study Help, A, Stockholm University/Computer Science, P, Red Cross, Church, I, Language Cafés, A, adult educational associations, Vuxenskolan, P, volunteers, staff, I, Internet Helpdesk, A, Kista Folk High School, IT Upper Secondary School, P, Kista library, I, Digital Art Center, P, Story Lab, Art, Street Corner Speaking, Kista Art City, Library as installation, Stockholm Art, Digital Storytelling, The Languages of my life, Culture School/Young storytellers, Theatre, Kista Theatre, Cultural heritage, Gaming, Gaming Globe, Literature, Talking shelves, Interactive institute, E-media of the Future, I, Job Lab, Job seeking, project management & entrepreneurship, Job seeking, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship, Study & Career Guidance

clustering, Rubik's Cube, 1, 2, 3



30 min

Group work

60 min, Structure, Focus groups, The API tree, A, Lifelong learning project, formal, informal, P, Public/civil/citizen, formal, informal, I, Industry/business/entrepeneurship, formal, informal, 1, 20 min, Elect your focus group, visuaiise your project, share and interact in your group, Choose one collaborative library project you have done in the past., 2., 20 min, Which partners were involved in your project? How would you categorise them?, 3., 20 min, Which extra partner/s could have been added in order to balance the API tree towards a more including project?, Elect the most including project in your group. Pitch it!