Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald by Mind Map: Francis Scott Fitzgerald

1. A catholic - hence attended a Catholic school ; 13 y.o. = St.Paul Academy;15 y.o. = sent to Newman School in New Jersey; Princeton University (Triangle Club)

1.1. 1917 - drops out of school to join the army (US Army)

2. Had his first story published in a school newspaper when he was 13

3. Married to his muse - Zelda Sayre

3.1. Zelda was spoiled, bitter,jealous of her husband, rejected him and then wanted him back

3.2. Children : daughter Frances Scott Fitzgerald (born 1921)

3.3. He became an alcoholic and she had a mental breakdown

4. Parents : mother = Mary McQuillan ; father = Edward Fitzgerald

4.1. His family moved around a lot

5. WORKS: "The Romantic Egoist" (1917); "This Side of Paradise" (1920 - autobiographical); "The Diamond as big as the Ritz"; "The Curious case of Benjamin Button"; "The Camel's Back"; "The Last of the Belles"; "The Beutiful and the Damned" (1922); "The Great Gatsby" (1925); "Tender is the night" (1934); "The love of the last Tycoon"

5.1. "The Great Gatsby" : portrait of the Roaring Twenties; portrayal of the Jazz Age

5.2. "The love of the last Tycoon" - when Fitzgerald died there was only half of the book, yet it was finished by his friend Edmund Wilson, who used the notes Fitzgerald left

6. born on 24 September 1896; St Paul, Minnesota

7. Member of the lost generations of 1920s

8. Died from heart attack, 1940 (44 years old); Hollywood,California

8.1. He moved to Hollywood and became a script writer

9. Father Sigourney Fay - saw his potential and talent and encouraged to pursue ambitions

10. 1924 - He moves to France (Valescure)