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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. What is Energy?

1.1. Energy is the ability to do work

1.1.1. Work is when you produce change

1.1.2. Work is the ability to move different objects

1.1.3. Work is anytime you produce motion mostly against a force

1.2. Energy can neither be created or disposed

1.2.1. Energy can be stored used and transferred into different types of energy This is what we call the law of conservation of energy.

2. Its sources?

2.1. Renewable

2.1.1. Wind, Sun, and other natural types of energy

2.2. Non-renewable energy

2.2.1. Fossil fuel or gas.

3. Classifications?

3.1. Potential Energy

3.1.1. Potential energy is energy that is stored and it will later be turned into other types of energy (kinetic energy). Factores More mass= more Potential Energy

3.2. Kinetic Energy

3.2.1. Kinetic energy used when there is any type of work involved How to calculate Kinetic Energy Ek = ½mv2. This is the formula that we use to measure kinetic energy

3.2.2. The way that we measure kinetic energy is with joules (J)

3.2.3. Variables The more mass an object has the more Ke it can hold The more initial velocity an object has the father it can travel

3.2.4. Examples Kicking a ball needs kinetic energy

4. Possible uses

4.1. Power machines

4.2. Power different life

5. Examples

5.1. The Sun gives energy to the plants and the plants convert the solar energy to chemical and kinetic energy, then an organism comes and eats the plants which will use kinetic energy that used to be potential energy. The organism then stores the energy from the plant as potential energy, and kinetic energy when the organism is doing work.

6. Types?

6.1. Mechanical

6.2. Solar

6.3. Wind

6.4. Magnetic

6.5. Gravitational

6.6. Chemical

6.7. Nuclear

6.8. Ionizations

6.9. Potential

6.10. Kinetic