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Hāmākua CDP by Mind Map: Hāmākua CDP
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Hāmākua CDP

Vision Values


Goals (key issues & priorities)

LOCAL ECONOMY (economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture, local business, jobs, retail, services, dining, renewable energy, housing)

RECREATION (parks & gathering spaces, facilities, programs, youth recreation, outdoor recreation)

EDUCATION (improved schools, quality education, adult/vocational/higher education)

HEALTH CARE (hospital/clinic, elderly care, more medical professionals, social services)

AINA (natural resources, land use, public access, environmental quality, natural beauty, sustainability)

PUBLIC SERVICES (transportation, roadways, mass transit, public utilities, protective services)

SWOT Analysis (Asset Mapping)



Missed Linkages

Strategies (Program Framework)

Strategy Icons Key

Where do we want to be 20 years from now?

Environmental Health

Economic Development


Watershed Mngt



Land Use and Transportation


Public Access

Build an image/campaign

Regional Brand

Plan represents the system

Possible Themes

Capacity Building

Establish a usable decision making framework

Technology Audit

Tool Acquisition

Tool Integration

Interagency coordination

Public and Stakeholder Involvement



Policy Making

Resource Expenditure

Partnerships and networking

CDP Process

Talk Story - Vision and Values

Form Steering Committee

Sub-regional workshops


Toolkit development

Scenario development

Integrated Strategies (from Roy's pre-mtg doc)

Draft Strategies and Recommendations

Ecosystem Based Management Integration

Regional Workshop

Imaging and branding

Online resources

Plan Adoption