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Abundance by Mind Map: Abundance

1. Boek

1.1. Abundance - The future is better than you think

1.2. Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler

1.3. New York, 2012

1.4. Summary: in the next 25 years exponential growing technologies make it possible for 9 billion people to live in a world of abundance: food, water, shelter, energy, education, information, health & freedom

2. Part 6 - Steering faster

3. Part 5 - Peak of the pyramid

4. Part 4 - The forces of abundance

5. Part 3 - Building the base of the pyramid

6. Part 2 - Exponential technologies

7. Part 1 - Perspective

7.1. HS 1 - Our grandest challenge

7.1.1. The common answer to our unsustainable consumption is "more efficiency"

7.1.2. My idea would be "to grow the pie" with technology & 3 additional forces This can be done because we live in a unique time window: for the first time in history, our technologies have caught up with our ambitions. History shows that progress continues through the good times and the bad

7.1.3. In addition to technological progress, 3 forces come together: Do-it-yourself innovators Innovative persons nowadays have the tools that used to be for countries only Technophilanthropists Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc Rise of the poorest billion Emerging markets due to internet, microfinance and wireless communication

7.1.4. My dream, which I believe is possible 9 billion people with clean water, good food, affordable housing, personalized education, top medical care and enough sustainable energy

7.2. HS 2 - Building the pyramid

7.2.1. Abundance is better term than poverty Definitions of poverty (both absolute and relative) lack consistency over time and place Most basic: abundance is dreaming & doing, not scrapping & scraping

7.2.2. Abundance on 3 levels bottom: food, water, shelter food: 2000 calories, vitamins, 30L water/dag, durable shelter middle: energy, education, information energy (9kWh/hh/day) provides means to work education allows to specialize: literacy, mathematics, life skills, critical thinking information: internet access, communication with networks top: health, freedom health: good diagnosis & distribution of generic medicin freedom: political liberty, freedom of speech, promotion of human rights

7.2.3. Abundance can be reached in 25 years (2035)

7.3. HS 3 - Seeing the forest through the trees

7.4. HS 4 - It's not as bad as you think