The Happy Prince and the Swallow

map 2 for the Learning Lab

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The Happy Prince and the Swallow by Mind Map: The Happy Prince and the Swallow

1. conclusion

1.1. An Angel brought the dead Swallow and the Prince's heart to God

1.1.1. as the two most precious things in the city The little bird shall sing for evermore In the city of gold the Happy Prince shall praise God.

2. solidarity

2.1. The prince can't move

2.1.1. The Swallow flies to give rubies and sapphires to poor people

2.2. The swallow was hurt by the rude boys

2.2.1. but he decide to help the prince

2.3. The swallow must go to Egypt

2.3.1. but he stays with the sad prince

3. friendship

3.1. The swallow tells the prince what he sees in the town

3.2. The prince becomes blind

3.2.1. The Swallow decides not to go to Egypt anymore

3.3. The swallow dies

3.3.1. the Prince's leaden heart had snapped right in two

4. god deeds

4.1. The great ruby from the sword

4.1.1. to the seamstress who had a sick boy

4.2. A sapphire form one of the Prince's eyes

4.2.1. to the poor writer to buy food and firewood and to finish the play

4.3. The last sapphire

4.3.1. to help a match girl who had no shoes and warm clothes

4.4. The leaves of gold from the Prince's body

4.4.1. to feed the poor people in the city