Infinitive and Gerund

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Infinitive and Gerund by Mind Map: Infinitive and Gerund

1. Like

1.1. Infinitive

1.1.1. I like to wash my hair twice a week

1.2. Gerund

1.2.1. Do you like coking?

2. Expressions

2.1. Would love/like/prefer/hate

2.1.1. To<-Infinitive We would love to hear you sing

3. Remember

3.1. Infinitive

3.1.1. Remember to buy milk on your way home

3.2. Gerund

3.2.1. I remember locking my first girlfriend

4. Try

4.1. Infinitive

4.1.1. Try to open the window

4.2. Gerund

4.2.1. Why don't you try drinking some warm milk?

5. Be fraid

5.1. Infinitive

5.1.1. She is afraid to go out

5.2. Gerund

5.2.1. He was afraid of breaking window

6. Gerund -> Ing

6.1. She hates studying

6.2. Phrasal verbs

6.2.1. Tom looked into finding a new job

6.3. Before/After

6.3.1. David congratulaled the jockey after winning the race

6.3.2. I will talk to you before going to England

7. Infinitive -> To

7.1. With to

7.1.1. I asked to see the manger

7.2. Without to

7.2.1. I wouldn't dare ask him

7.3. Question word

7.3.1. I will show you how to manage it

8. Followed by an object -> Infinitive

8.1. He doesn't allow anyone to smoke in his house

9. It's not followed by an object -> Gerund

9.1. I wouldn't recommend staying at the hotel