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Permanent Accommodation for Bushfire Affected - issues by Mind Map: Permanent
for Bushfire
Affected -
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Permanent Accommodation for Bushfire Affected - issues


Rent while rebuilding

Paid through borrowing

Leaving debt for those who've rebuilt

Large tax bill


Taxable interest on insurance payout

Put off doing return, Centrelink benefits cut off

Uninsured rebuilding costs

Building to new regulations, Esp BAL40 and Fz areas, Underground power, Waste treatment

Labour costs, Shortage of reputable builders

Travel between homes

Income Issues

Starting a business

Maintaining a business

Obtaining a job

Maintaining a job


Neighbours with different BALs




Zoning Issues?

New node

Project Management

Difficult due to competing demands

Life's daily challenges


Distractions and rabbit holes

For those not using design and build company

Creates further complications

Can't afford to engage design and build company

Esp owner builders

Need assistance through major design and decision making

Need brokerage support


Project management skills

Support negotiating a builder

Similar to Rebuilding Advisory Service

Temp Accom

Non-compliant by March 2012

Not incentive to build faster

Creates pressure and stress

Many new homes will not be completed by March 2012

Wellness Vouchers

Need extension to December

Practitioners in high demand

Securing local appointments difficult

Available Feb-Aug 2011

Up to 4 vouchers each

$50 per voucher

redeemable with providers having a private health insurance provider number

Current Brokerage Services

Rebuilding Advisory Service (RAS)

DPCD - Bushfire

to December 2011

Bushfire Housing Services

Office of Housing (DHS) clients only

to March 2012

Bushfire Community Support Worker

DHS funded

Nillumbik Community Health delivered

to December 2011

No brokerage funds currently available

Just referral and advice

No micro-finance available either


No universal intake system

No universal monitoring system

Cost of new home

Kinglake display home

template design


BAL40 FZ compliant


Reconstruction Status

125 Nillumbik houses destroyed

about 20% rebuilt or under construction

some intending to rebuild

some will not rebuild or haven't decided

some have or will sell pre or post construction

Reconstruction not just homes


land management