"How to give constructive feedback" course for the first-line managers of pharmaceutical company

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"How to give constructive feedback" course for the first-line managers of pharmaceutical company by Mind Map: "How to give constructive feedback" course for the first-line managers of pharmaceutical company

1. Analysis

1.1. Formative Evaluation

1.1.1. Clear understanding of clients expectations . Do I understand what he wants?

1.1.2. Clear measurable outcomes of the whole course . Do I understand how to prove that my course is effective? (Summative Evaluation)

1.1.3. Do I have a plan how to combine in one course both client's and learner's needs ? Do I see a way to make this course useful, valuable?

1.1.4. Do I have Instructional Plan, at least for the first glance ?

1.2. Actions

1.2.1. 1. Discuss with Head of the Office, HR, desicion manager

1.2.2. 2. Discuss with head of sales department

1.2.3. 3. Joint-work in the field with managers

1.2.4. 4. interview face-to face with managers

1.2.5. 5 Workshop, business cases, brainstorming to understand their thinking process

1.2.6. 6. Record of their communication OR role games in class to understand level of their skills

1.2.7. 7. anonymous survey to understand their challenges and real needs

1.3. Questions

1.3.1. Instructional Goals What feedback do they mean ? Is it a skill of giving one-minute feedback or they want to develop a skill of providing coaching-type discussion ? Is it a skill of "general feedback" or it is specific for exact work process? example - joint work in the field

1.3.2. Learner Analysis What do they know as a theory part ? Do they really see the need in such course ? What challenges do they see in their communication with representatives ? What is about their motivation & willingness to learn ? What type of learning tools\methods they appreciate more ? ( on-line, in-class, external\internal provider) . History of learning experiences What internal procedures they have to support employee in giving\achieving feedback ?

1.3.3. Learning Objectives How the client will evaluate the results of the program? What does he see as a result ? How I will transform client's ideas in a measurable outcomes ?

1.3.4. Instructional Analysis It will be the last stage of Analysis part, for me it is more of Design so it is like a border line between Analysis & Design.

2. Design

2.1. Formative Evaluation

2.1.1. clear vision of the whole course (sequence from preinstructional phase till post-instructioanal follow-up)

2.1.2. How many blocks \ steps are there ? What is the goal and outcome of each step ?

2.1.3. Clear vision of the content of each block

2.2. Questions

2.2.1. Design Assessments What general procedures company has to evaluate course results ? How will I assess Knowledge of theory part of the course ? Who? When? How? How I will assess Skills after the course ? Who? When? How ? If required, how i will assess attitude ? Are my methods of assessment in line with my goals and outcomes ?

2.2.2. Choose a course format Do learners have an Internet access ? What is the quality of access ? What applications they use frequently? Is it possible to conduct in-class training ? time required, business trip expenses, etc Where shall i give focus ? Skills ? Knowledge? Attitude? How much time do I have for Development & for Implementation part ? ( resources available)

2.2.3. Create Instructional Strategy What steps shall I take to fill the gap between current situation & required outcome ? What are the goals and expected outcomes from each step ? What tool shall I use to reach that goal effectively ? What sequence of methods I will choose to ensure high efficiency of the course ? How I will create learners interest, motivate them & engage them on preinstructional stage ? How I will engage learners during the cource ? Hoe I will organise discussions ?

2.3. Actions

2.3.1. all actions that will help to fill in the blocks of instructional plan with valuable useful activities, information etc find business cases with a topic of communication between manager and a sales person search for appropriate video examples find group activities with a focus on communication styles search for theoretical models of feedback , rules of giving feedback insert successful stories about well-known managers and their communication style

3. Development

3.1. Actions

3.1.1. Create a sample Get approval

3.1.2. Develop course material Each slide content development ( image, heading, text, design) develop handouts create curriculum preparing video content

3.2. Formative Evaluation

3.2.1. 100 % readiness to start the course by yourself or to teach others how to conduct the course

4. Implementation

4.1. Actions

4.1.1. Train the instructor I will be the only instructor, so conduct run-through print handouts & tips print course shedule on other hand, follow-ups are up to the sales department, so ensure that all follow-ups and post training activities are well planned & prepared by internal stakeholders

4.1.2. Prepare the learner ask Desicion manager to create some noise about the course Give step-by-step instruction when, where, how etc explain the objectives and shedule they should go through

4.1.3. Arrange the learning space provide technical support during on-line part provide ability to ask questions during the whole course through different channels (phone, mail, messengers) ensure that the course is well combined with their basic daily duties

4.2. Evaluation

4.2.1. 100% readiness not only of the instructor himself, but also of the external environment in relation to him (participants, stakeholders)

5. Summative Evaluation

5.1. Actions

5.1.1. Reactions Questionnaire Clarity of the message Ability to implement into practice learning objectives achievement

5.1.2. Knowledge post-course test

5.1.3. Behavior role games in class joint work in the field self assessment tools

5.1.4. Results measureable outcomes internal stakeholders feedback

5.2. Questions

5.2.1. what was good?

5.2.2. what can be done better ?

5.2.3. what new ideas I have about program design, content etc ?