My Experience with Communicative Technologies

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My Experience with Communicative Technologies by Mind Map: My Experience with Communicative Technologies

1. Positive

1.1. Age 2: I knew that my imagination could unlock a galaxy of possibilities because Steven Spielberg said so and because it worked for Elliott.

1.1.1. New node

1.2. Age 6: Watching Inspector Gadget, I desperately wanted Penny's computer disguised as a book.

1.3. Age 15: Discussion boards and AOL opened up my social life tremendously! It became easier to communicate with friends of friends.

1.4. Age 28: I completed the Credential Program and purchased a laptop with my first "real" paycheck.

2. Negative

2.1. Age 8: I had to spend time with kids who were mean to me just so I could play as Hulk Hogan on WWF Wrestlemania for Atari.

2.2. Age 14: My pager was stolen while I was swimming at the public pool. It was a nightmare to think that my friends would not be able to "get a hold" of me!

2.3. Age 19: I had to live at the university library so that I could complete my undergrad assignments because my mom felt that computers in homes were some sort of Asimovian conspiracy.

2.4. Age 30: A sixth grade student asked me why I was the "only poor teacher on campus who did not have an iPhone"