Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence by Mind Map: Artificial Intelligence

1. The future

1.1. A new trend: Application of AI technology in healthcare industry

1.1.1. Robot assistant: notify medications

1.2. Destroying humans

1.2.1. Dominating the world

2. Some real life examples

2.1. Siri, Cortana, etc

2.2. Self-driving cars

2.3. Smart Home devices

3. The advantages

3.1. Error reduction

3.1.1. Can be applied into studies, e.g. calculation

3.2. Daily Application

3.2.1. Bring convenience in life, e.g. Siri, okGoogle, Bixbi

3.3. Medical Field

3.3.1. Precise results which may save time for doctors and patients

4. The disadvantages

4.1. Cost for maintenance and repair

4.2. Ethical concerns: recreate intelligence

4.3. Cannot replicate humans

4.3.1. Their actions do not consider factors like emotions and morale

4.4. No creativity

4.4.1. What they do are just programmed by humans

4.5. Replacing human work leading to high unemployment rate

4.5.1. social instablity

5. The defination

5.1. Human intelligence preformed by the computers or machines

5.2. Learning, reasoning, self-controlling

6. The background

6.1. coined by John McCarthy in 1956