What is the relationship between gun control and school shootings?

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What is the relationship between gun control and school shootings? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between gun control and school shootings?

1. Gun control won't prevent school shootings.

1.1. Mental illness and cultural climate both are connections to the misuse of firearms but does not contribute to frequent school shootings, and we must identify these problems better (¨put the¨).

1.1.1. According to a magazine article titled ¨Put the Guns Down¨ which was ran in 2007, states that many have started to make changes to their gun control laws such as, ¨Canada... Germany... The U.K...."and many others (¨put the¨). This means that many places outside of the U.S. are seeing whats happening in our country and deciding they don't want the same thing to happen to them. They are making the change before the bad has even occurred.

1.1.2. In the article ¨Put the Guns Down" which was ran in Maclean on April 30, 2007, it takes note that when a young man was driven to suicide also known as, ¨the case with Cho Seung-Hui in virginia¨ many had still decided not to make any changes to their gun controls (¨put the¨). This makes me think or notice how stubborn we as people can actually be. It makes me outraged that a man has to hurt himself just for people to see how messed up this world really is.

1.2. No change to gun laws has had massive public outcry since school shootings are becoming more frequent (Malcolm).

1.2.1. In the article "Gun Control Won't Prevent School Shootings" John G. Malcolm, a senior legal fellow, and Jennifer A. Marshall, a director of domestic policy studies, notes that it is a "constitutional right to keep and bear arms" and that "Gun control laws do not correlate with decreased violence" (Malcolm). This matters because everyone is guaranteed their rights and especially if they were write by a founding father.

1.2.2. According to the article "Gun Control Won't Prevent School Shootings" published in 2016 by John G. Malcolm and Jennifer A. Marshall, both at the Heritage Foundation, states that "All Americans... abhor the death of innocent human beings" stating that we all go through though times and people do bad things but gun control won't prevent this. This connects to the viewpoint by showing that even if gun controls were made more strict people would still face the demon that is death. Shootings at school will still occur because guns are accessible from everywhere and can be used for everything.

1.3. Because even if there are more strict gun controls, there will still be people with the ability to hurt people with those guns.

1.4. Because there are still people out there that might not be able to think correctly and will still be able to hurt people even if there are better gun controls.

2. Gun control prevents school shootings.

2.1. Less families will be hurt if we the Sandy Hook families fight to reduce the violence caused by guns (Bennett).

2.1.1. According to a school safety article published in 2016 written by Matt Bennett a co-founder and vice president for public affairs of Third Way, told that, " the U.S. has by far the highest rate of private gun ownership in the world. Next in line is Yemen..." (Bennett). This means that the U.S. has the most private gun ownership's in the entire world making the possibility of people using those guns for wrong 1 million percent higher than the rest.

2.1.2. I woman interviewed for the article "Gun Control can prevent School shootings" said very strongly, "Don't tell us what can't be done," trying to show that she wants to make a change in what is said to be our corrupt world(Bennett). This makes me think that if one person is willing to try and make a change then there is hope in having that change possible. If we all try to change this world for the better there is no telling what we will be able to accomplish.

2.2. Since the massive out cry for better gun controls, U.S. congress is now for passing new gun control laws (Biddle).

2.2.1. RiShawn Biddle an award-winning editorialist states in his article "Gun Spree" that, "California... Connecticut... and Illinois have passed better gun laws" showing that people are making changes to better our community and to keep our families safer (Biddle). This matters because places are making changes to their gun laws. They are making them better which for a fact will leave the community and public a safer and bettered environment.

2.2.2. RiShawn Biddle, the author of the magazine article "Gun Spree" acknowledges that after the "Columbine High School shooting" there would be "No way to stop congress from passing new gun controls" (Biddle). This connects to the viewpoint by showing that a school had to be shot at and threatened for congress to finally try and change their gun controls. showing that after these controls were made better there would be less of a possibility of this or any other school to be threatened with gun violence.

2.3. Because the better controls we have, the less possibility there is of someone creating violence with guns.

2.4. Because if there is a less possibility of guns being the the cause of school shootings, people and the community will be safer from this violence.