Do guns on school campuses increase or decrease safety?

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Do guns on school campuses increase or decrease safety? by Mind Map: Do guns on school campuses increase or decrease safety?

1. Superintendent David Thweatt says that "he district can't afford security guards, so it had teachers trained to carry weapons instead. We had to have something that would eliminate the threat if somebody came in [to attack],"(Up).

1.1. This connects to the viewpoint because it talks about schools arming teachers.

2. In order to protect kids and stop attackers, a school in Texas decided to arm their teachers(Up).

3. Guns do make campuses safe

3.1. The University of Colorado which, banned guns," has experienced a dramatic increase in crime... CU crime is up 37 percent"(Burnett).

3.1.1. :Self Defense by carrying guns is a reserved right for students and teachers (Burnett).

3.1.2. This means that schools that without guns violence increases.

3.2. Even though the police station was next door to the University of Alabama "A Harvard-trained professor is accused of shooting six of her colleagues"(Burnett).

3.2.1. This makes me think that teachers and students should be able to protect themselves.

3.3. Superintendent David Thweatt says that "The school is 30 miles from the nearest police station. "The only thing you'll get if you scream out here is a rattlesnake or a coyote looking your way," (Up).

3.3.1. This matters because it shows that the police cannot always be there.

3.4. Because they can stop shooters from attacking schools.

3.4.1. Because they can protect kids from shooters.

4. Guns don't make campuses safe

4.1. Jesus Villahermosa, a Washington state SWAT officer and founder of Crisis Reality Training, "believes there is no credible evidence that students or staff carrying guns would reduce crime"(Dickerson).

4.1.1. Because there is no evidence supporting the idea that guns make campuses safer the board of IACLEA doesn’t believe that they help(Dickerson).

4.1.2. This means that a professional who handles guns is against arming teachers.

4.2. According to a study"there is no credible statistical evidence demonstrating that laws allowing the carrying of concealed firearms reduce crime, in fact, the evidence suggests that permissive concealed carry laws generally will increase crime(Dickerson).

4.2.1. This makes me think that it is more dangerous to arm teachers.

4.3. When a shooter attacks a school, ":"You hear these noises and you have no idea where the gun shots are coming from... the idea that had a teacher been armed that she could save the day... is insane"(Blad).

4.3.1. This matters because it is firsthand account of a shooting.

4.4. Abbey Clements, a survivor from the Sandy Hook shooting, discusses " how she could hear the sounds of the nation's deadliest K-12 school shooting as she huddled with her 2nd graders singing Christmas carols to drown out the terrifying noises coming from down the hall(Blad).

4.4.1. The idea that teachers don’t need guns and that they don’t prevent school shootings is strongly believed by Abbey Clements, a survivor of the Sandy Hook shooting(Blad).

4.4.2. This connects to the viewpoint because it is the story of a victim of a school shooting.

4.5. Because teachers can't handle guns.

4.5.1. Because guns in schools can cause more problems than it solves.