How does bullying contribute to school shootings?

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How does bullying contribute to school shootings? by Mind Map: How does bullying contribute to school shootings?

1. Nationwide anti-bullying programs help provide school shootings based widely on accepted myths about shootings. Columbine shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, drove to kill because of mental illness not bullying

2. 32% of students in 2008 took a survey and said they'd been bullied in years before this survey which can cause kids to become depressed, avoid going to school and in extreme cases kids could commit suicide

3. Blaming school shootings on bullying can cause more harm than good

4. Experts believe that blaming school shootings on bullying causes more harm because it doesn't shine the light on the kids who think they deserve it and just commit these mass shootings for attention

5. Anti-homeschooling forces have spread the notion that the practice stunts emotional, social and behavioral development

6. It's safe to say it was many millions of taxpayer dollars

7. mental illness, raging psychopath, suicidal depressive

8. school safety, security systems

9. Month and a half leading up to tenth Columbine anniversary had more high-profile mass shootings than any six week period ever recorded

10. Experts think majority of school shootings are done by victims of bullying

11. Bullying contributes to school shootings

12. Since 2013, firearms have been discharged 144 times in schools

13. No one cares about victims more than I do. But "bully" and "victim" are not objective diagnoses

14. bully, victim

15. disordered, socialization