How does dress code effect bullying?

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How does dress code effect bullying? by Mind Map: How does dress code effect bullying?

1. Dress codes causes bullying.

1.1. Robinson states that ¨Many different articles of clothing that have inappropriate images and words are banned by schools¨ (Robinson).

1.1.1. Robinson suggests that ¨Gang color restrictions may make kids safer from bullying or gang related violence¨ (Robinson). This quote connects to the view point because kids can be bullied from the students that are in gangs

1.1.2. According to Robinson ¨The more strict the dress code the better it can be enforced and the longer it will stay in place¨ (Robinson). This quote makes me think that the more strict codes work better and last longer than the school dress codes that are more lenient

1.2. Kendall explains that ¨Students need uniforms that are school appropriate and safe from sexual assault¨ (Kendall).

1.2.1. According to 2005 Amnesty International surveyed Britons and found that ¨1/3 survey takers believed that women were partially responsible for the assault because of clothing¨ (Kendall). This quote matters because high-schoolers and college students are at high risks for sexual assaults

1.2.2. According to Kendall ¨Women make up 91% of all rape victims and they believe that rapists are just one of those unavoidable aspects of life¨ (Kendall). This quote means that female students have high chances of bullying and sexual assault

1.3. Because they don´t stop kids from picking on each other.

1.4. Because kids can be sexually assaulted for certain uniforms that the school issues.

2. Dress codes don't cause bullying.

2.1. Stephen Daniels explains ¨A good learning environment is achieved by having a school dress code¨ (Daniels).

2.1.1. According to Stephan Daniels, "Dress codes reduces conflicts with students that have gang clothing or the gap between rich and poor students that contributes to overall order and discipline" (Daniels). This quote means that dress codes can stop bullying because of the rich and poor gaps

2.1.2. National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) states that ¨Surveys of schools all around the country showed that 1/5 public, private and parochial schools had either instigated a dress code policy, writing one, or were considering it. This shows that schools and school districts are all accepting and adopting school dress codes¨ (Daniels). This quote makes me think that many schools have or want to start dress codes

2.2. William Buggs states ¨Are dress codes needed in schools¨ (Buggs).

2.2.1. Buggs states ¨Dress codes are necessary in our schools, just as they are needed in the adult world for which students are preparing for ¨(Buggs). This quote matters because it prepares students to have to dress up in uniforms for work every day for the next 40 years

2.2.2. The author states that schools with uniforms appear as equal even if there are rich and poor kids at the same school (Buggs). This quote shows the view point because uniforms make all the students look like equals and hide the fact of the big gap of rich and poor people

2.3. Because dress codes influence a good learning environment.

2.4. Because dress codes restrict bullying from gang clothing or the wealth gap.