What is the connection between violent video games and violent behavior in teens

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What is the connection between violent video games and violent behavior in teens by Mind Map: What is the connection between violent video games and violent behavior in teens

1. Violent video games are not not linked to aggression in teens

1.1. Loud noises stimulate anger it was tested and proven truthful(Do violent)

1.1.1. "I found no evidence of increased aggression or aggressive attitudes," he says(Do Violent). He is right that studying something for 20 minutes wont tell the future but the study wasn't a waste of time

1.1.2. Asked if other students mimic video games, he said: "Depends on the person. If a person is very impressionable, then that's what they'll do"(Do Violent). He is correct because if you are really impressionable they will impersonate them

1.2. Video games do not cause violence in teenagers (Kushner).

1.2.1. The player uses a variety of methods to kill, from suffocating his enemies with plastic bags, to jabbing shards of glass into their throats(Kushner). I've seen people play that game and it was banned in the USA because of the violent kills you can pull off

1.2.2. The study concludes that children who play more violent video games see the world as a more hostile place (Kushner). This is maybe a first step in thinking that it's possible that playing video games could be associated with desensitization to violence,

1.3. Because they dont have any effect on me and I've been playing video games for as long as i can remember

1.4. Because I know many people who are usually mad and they use violent video games as an escape to not do anything violent in real life

2. Violent video games are linked to aggression in teens

2.1. Kids never would have done it without assistance of video games.(Moten)

2.1.1. Kids who play video games have a higher chance of getting failing grades and getting angrier(Moten). It makes me think why did they bother with doing a test they don't do tests over dodge ball and it makes people mad as well.

2.1.2. Someone shot up a school and he was a big fan of video games but he is not the only one who has done that (Moten). It was a pure coincidence that they both liked shooter games millions of people do that is like comparing two people who like pizza one killed somebody so everyone who likes pizza most likely does.

2.2. Players can be influenced to do bad behavior by violent images(Alphonso)

2.2.1. That's because they come from good homes, aren't victims of bullying, don't have mental health issues, and don't have many of the other risk factors for violence(Alphonso). It requires a pre-requisite to make the people become violent.

2.2.2. It was obvious that the violent games desensitized these youths to violence(Alphonso). People wanted to be like them because everyone knew about them they wanted to be popular

2.3. Because a lot of people who shoot up schools play fps (first person shooters) games

2.4. Because many people who act irrationally do it because they get mad at video games