what connection shows that cyberbullying is more likely to cause teen suicide?

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what connection shows that cyberbullying is more likely to cause teen suicide? by Mind Map: what connection shows that cyberbullying is more likely to cause teen suicide?

1. because they can ignore it or delete there accounts.

2. because they can report it to the social medias or tell a adult so that the adult can deal with the person who is bullying the teen.

3. Teens can just ignore it and it doesn't have to lead to suicide.

3.1. teens could just shut off there computers or report the bullies. (dealing with cyberbullying)

3.1.1. they ignore it or they can delete there account or they can report with the swipe of a button i really don't understand why teen don't just delete it or block it, it don't have to lead to suicide.

3.2. social media has made it very easy to report bullying and other things ananomious so that teens can stop being bullied. (internet safety 101)

3.2.1. this i don't understand because social media has made it very easy to block please with the people very really know so why don't they just block them?

4. teens can make there own decisions.

4.1. 41 cases 13 of the suicide had mental disorders that caused the suicide. (bullying is not on the rise and does not cause suicide)

4.1.1. if that is the case then they should seek help but if that isn't the case then they should report it or tell someone.

4.2. teen are very much able to block or ignore the comments or even report it.(bullying does not "cause suicide"

4.2.1. if kids are being cyberbullied by someone then they should report and block the person instead of letting it go on because no one win except the bully in that case.

5. cyberbullying doesn't cause teen suicide.

6. this number should really go down with the help of adults by making students feel like they can come to them for anything.

7. because the teen don't know how to deal with it and think that suicide is the only way from stopping the bully or bullies.

8. because the bullying make the teen feel like he/she isn't and good enough person to keep living so therefore they try to commit suicide.

9. cyberbullying makes kids think that suicide is the only way because they are scared and think that the only way to help them.

9.1. evidence shows that kids who are bullied show that they are more likely to not show up to school. (why bully victims suffer in silence)

9.1.1. this is understandable because they don't want to be bullied so therefore they don't show up it is hiding method and parents should really feel the need to help the kids if they think or know that their kids feel like this.

9.2. 1 in 3 teens who are bullied report being bullied (facts about bullying)

9.2.1. this isn't so understandable because if there being bullied why wouldn't they want to get help and get the bully taken care of but i guess if the bully is threatening them but still if they are taken care of then more teens should tell a trusted adult.

10. teens are very influential so if someone is telling them that are'nt good enough they could very much believe it.

10.1. there are over 3470 case of attempt teen suicide from grade 9-12 (suicidal teens)

10.2. 17 percent of teens who experience try to commit suicide

10.2.1. this is a very large number compared to how many teens there are, if teens feel like they are going to commit suicide there should be more support groups to help with these teens

11. cyberbullying does cause teen suicide.