Spending a lot of time in social media good or bad?

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Spending a lot of time in social media good or bad? by Mind Map: Spending a lot of time in social media good or bad?

1. Good, it helps students in school.

1.1. (Roxenwal)Facebook has improved lifes in building relationships with other people. Shyness often disappears.

1.1.1. Because, Social networks are helping people overcome their shyness.

1.1.2. In the article can facebook help overcome shyness?, Rosenwald notes that ¨shy people are spending more time on facebook than more socially confident people do¨ (Rosenwald). These means Social media is helping shy people be more socialist.

1.1.3. A study conducted by Can Facebook help overcome shyness, "Social networks its allowing shy people to learn and share without fear of being judged on looks or whether they sweat or blush while they talk" (Rosenwald). This make me think that shy people are not been shy anymore.

1.2. (Simmons)Social network has actually improved writing.

1.2.1. Simmons explains "my students in 2013 are more comfortable writing about personal issues than were my classmates in the mid-late '90s" (Simmons). It matters because if Social media is helping students write better they need to spend more time connected.

1.2.2. According to Simmons, ¨after all, we write for an audience and we write for ourselves too. I see students recognizing the value of tacking these topics with honesty. I notice that they are relieved when they do so¨ (Simmons). It connects to the viewpoint because social media do help us in some way.

1.2.3. Because some apps in social media helps wet better at writing or better at doing something else.

2. Bad, it makes students be addict to social media.

2.1. ¨Loosing a smartphone or being unable can make a homophone very stress and uncomfortable, and that itself can be a symptom of an addiction technology" (Rahim).

2.1.1. Because, people are spending too much time in social media its making them be addict to it.

2.1.2. Rahim states, "users who are happy and having a good time when on their device, then face great stress and anxiety without it (Rahim). This means that the only way people can be happy and having a good time is been connected to technology.

2.1.3. According to Rahim, ¨every day technology consumes everyone's lives as the phone, computer, tablet and other high tech devices have become not just an object, but also a close companion (Rahinm). This makes me thing that people are spending a lot of time connected to social media that technology has become a close companion.

2.2. "Internet and Social Media addiction can be a serious problem" (Rosen).

2.2.1. Rosen suggests ¨symptoms of withdrawal might include agitation, depression, anger, and anxiety when the person is away from technology or computers¨ (Rosen). It matters because we need to do something to stop been addicted to technology.

2.2.2. In the article social networking is addictive and can lead to psychological disorders, Rosen notes that ¨technology addiction are similar to the consequences of chemical addiction such as drugs and alcohol¨ (Rosen). It connects to the viewpoint because the author is telling us things that may happen caused by the addiction to social media.

2.2.3. Because, we need to do some activities to distract our self and not just be on our smartphone.