What is the link between violent video games and mass shootings ?

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What is the link between violent video games and mass shootings ? by Mind Map: What is the link between violent video games and mass shootings ?

1. because mental illness is more responsible then violent video games

2. Violent video games are not responsible for mass shootings.

2.1. evidence that violent video games cause mass shootings completely ignores the millions of gamers that don't commit mass shootings.mental illness and age as well as there gender group play a major role in shootings (kain).

2.1.1. Eric Kain covers politics at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen "The age and gender of many mass shooters, places them right in the target demographic for first-person-shooter (and most other) video games. young adults tend to report the highest rates of mental-health issues."(kain). This is important because it shows that mental illnesses and antisocial behavior is a larger cause of mass shootings than violent games

2.1.2. Eric Kain covers politics at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen. "In other words, violent video games are an easy thing to blame for a more complex problem. a serious debate needs to look at the dearth of mental-health care in America, our abundance of easily accessible weapons, our highly flawed background-check system, and other factors"(kain) This is important because it points out the fact that background checks are not as extensive as they could be. Or the fact that weapons are so easily accessible

2.2. the research on correlation between video games and violence is inconstant and completely ignores other countries of the world with the same consumption of violent video game but have considerably fewer gun deaths (Scutti).

2.2.1. Susan Scutti says" a study published by the Albert Einstein school of medicine showed that video games actually has a calming affect on gamers and that gamers play them to blow off steam (scutti). This is important because it shows that video games are actually calming and helps relieves stress

2.2.2. Susan scutti says "findings continued to point in different directions. A 2011 study found that people who had played competitive games exhibited increased aggression. In 2012, a different study found that cooperative playing in Halo II made the test subjects more cooperative(scutti) This is important because it shows that the studies are indecisive and can show very different things

3. because the evidence is often inconsistent and can show very different evidence

4. Violent video games are responsible for mass shootings.

4.1. mass shootings are lead to by violent video games and the shooters own rage (drinka).

4.1.1. George Drinka is a psychiatrist for children and adolescents says "a common thread in running through all of these games is the player becomes the shooter who sees the world from behind the gun. often in these games the player has an automatic weapons with multiple rounds of ammunition in each clip"(drinka). This means that the weapons used by mass shooters are much like their counterparts in the video game and the game makes the shooter better with the weapon

4.1.2. George Drinka is a psychiatrist for children and adolescents he says "As experts in the field of the effects of violent video games on children have noted, playing video games does improve one's hand-eye coordination for other actions such as opening a soda can, handling a camera, or sadly, shooting real human beings with a gun in a theater"(drinka). This means that playing video games helps with hand eye coordination which in turn can be used to commit acts of violence with a gun

4.2. multiple studies have show that violent video games desensitize players to pain (christian science board).

4.2.1. the christian science board says "recent articles have shown that playing violent video games suppresses the part of the brain that deals with empathy"(the christian science board). This means playing video games make you less empathetic the more you play

4.2.2. the christian science board says"Finally, and perhaps most crucially, at least one report describes the twenty-year-old holing up for hour upon hour in a basement area inside his home.This windowless space contained a locked cupboard filled with guns, There he hid out for hours on end, solely engaged with the computers and the television"(the christian science board). This matters because there is some evidence that mass shooters use violent video games to train themselves to kill

5. because violent video games causes the gamer to loose empathy

6. because violent games can desensitize players to pain