who's responsible for controlling cyberbullying?

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who's responsible for controlling cyberbullying? by Mind Map: who's responsible for controlling cyberbullying?

1. teenagers on social media

1.1. Paraphrase-cyberbullying can be done in alot and social media even makes cyberbullying even easier

1.1.1. Targets of cyberbullying often experience stress and anxiety and are frequently afraid or embarrassed to go to school or be seen by their peers. Like regular bullying, cyberbullying can have serious consequences, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, and academic problems, among others. it matters because people have comited suicide from cyberbullying because they think its the only way to get out of cyberbullying

1.1.2. someone "repeatedly makes fun of another person online or repeatedly picks on another person through email or text message or when someone posts something online about another person that they don't like." its a problem because its been around ever since technology became a thing but it became worse as social media sites became a thing

1.2. high-profile cyberbullying tragedies have led some to hold Internet companies such as Google and Facebook

1.2.1. because people sue the company for allowing cyberbullying and make them accountable for it because the bullys parents cant do something about their kid bullying a victim thats why people sue the company because the bullys parents are dumb as a rock thereby making them horrible

1.2.2. the companies face lawsuits because of dumb teenagers doing stupid stuff like cyberbullying because some teens cant shut their dirty mouths up because those same teens would rather bully people to the point of one of them commiting suicide

1.3. because some teens would rather be bad people and bully other people

1.4. because other teens think bullying is funny when its not

2. social media websites

2.1. someone repeatedly makes fun of a person online or personally or repeadtedly picks on another person through email or text message or when someone posts something online about another person that they dont like (Lastname).

2.1.1. Author claims that ¨Cyberbullying is a growing problem because increasing numbers of kids are using and have completely embraced online interactivity. A remarkable 95% of teens in the US are online, and three-fourths (74%) access the Internet on their mobile device. They do so for school work, to keep in touch with their friends, to play games, to learn about celebrities, to share their digital creations, or for many other reasons. Because the online communication tools have become such a tremendous part of their lives, it is not surprising that some youth have decided to use the technology to be malicious or menacing towards others¨ (Lastname). This quote means thst cyberbulying must be stop and illegalized at all costs

2.1.2. The most important preventive step that schools can take is to educate the school community about responsible Internet use. Students need to know that all forms of bullying are wrong and that those who engage in harassing or threatening behaviors will be subject to discipline. It is therefore essential to discuss issues related to appropriate online communications in various areas of the general curriculum. To be sure, these messages should be reinforced in classes that regularly utilize technology. Signage also should be posted around campus to remind students of the rules of acceptable use. In general, it is crucial to establish and maintain an environment of respect and integrity where violations result in informal or formal sanction. This quote makes me think schools can prevent cyberbullying by telling them the things cyberbullying can do to another person

2.2. Holding Internet companies accountable, however, would require these companies to review everything posted on their sites, which is impossible. The alternative, restricting the content posted on their sites, would sacrifice Internet freedom.

2.2.1. the social network announced policy changes aimed at promoting safe discourse and interaction for users. The updates, which include a broader definition of violent content and an additional enforcement option against abusers, are the latest in efforts by social networks, tech companies, researchers, and others to put a stop to online abuse and harassment This matters because people are trying to sue companys for not trying to prevent cyberbullying and not doing anything about it

2.2.2. if people want companies to prevent cyberbullying on their sites then they have to review everything posted on their sites this quote shows that people want companys to prevent cyberbullying because if they dont do that they will get sued

2.3. because some of them havn't done anything to prevent cyberbullying

2.4. because some of the websites rules for cyberbullying didn't work