Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. Appropriacy

1.1. The physical behavior in teachers is really important because this says what kind of people they are.

2. Proximity

2.1. First teacher must know all students and have the appropriate distance between them.

3. The teacher in the classroom

3.1. The teacher is the center of attention for students, therefore, everything he or she does must be done in the best possible way to have control in the classroom and also to give them a good teaching.

4. Classroom Management

4.1. Teachers must have control of everything in the classroom and for that they must have an objective to have clearer ideas and in this way make the student learn with ease.

5. Movement

5.1. Teachers decide where to be in the class trying not bore students with their position, but they must have a good technique to get their attention and have the control over them.

6. Awareness

6.1. In this case, teachers must put themselves in the shoes of their students, in this way know their weaknesses and strength and konwing this, teacher can guide them in good way.

7. Using the voice

7.1. Audibility

7.1.1. This is when teachers speak in a way that everyone in the classroom can hear using a strong voice that could not be the best for everyone.

7.2. Variety

7.2.1. It is when teachers use various tones of voice depending on situations in the classroom.

7.3. Conservation

7.3.1. it is about the care that teachers must have with their voice.

8. Talking to students

8.1. Teachers should look for a better way to talk with students because they can not use the same conversation with an adult as with a student because sometimes students do not know much about vocabulary and, therefore, the teacher should use an appropriate vocabulary to they.

9. Giving instructions

9.1. When a teacher gives instructions, they should be as clear as possible for the students, so before giving them instructions, they must have an objective that will help them give a more effective instruction.

10. What information do they need first? Which should come next?

10.1. When the instructions are given it is important that the teacher is sure that students understood them and to know this the teacher can ask them or repeat them.

11. Student talk and teacher talk

11.1. To achieve an excellent teaching-learning, it is necessary for the teacher to know when to continue speaking and when to give the students time to participate and speak to that they can practice and learn of their own speaking.