Descriptive Writing

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Descriptive Writing by Mind Map: Descriptive Writing

1. Syahirah: I feel that descriptive writing is a writing that describes something in great detail. Descriptive writing uses a wide range of vocabulary, not necessarily flowery language, which appeal to the physical senses.The details usually appeal to a reader’s emotional, physical, or intellectual sensibilities. Descriptive writing also makes a sentence longer.

2. Grace: Descriptive Writing is a way of writing that includes a better and clearer description of things (whether it is an object, a person or a scenario), so that the reader will have a better understanding of the story. It makes use of different techniques to grab the reader's attention, such as using the 5 senses to describe the story and adding similes and metaphors.

3. Hui Shi: Descriptive writing is when things are very vividly described, like how the people feel, the setting, the atmosphere etc, so as to let the readers to be able to imagine the scene clearly. Descriptive writing normally makes use of many long bombastic phrases, metaphors, similes. Descriptive writing will normally comprise of only description and not on narratives, hence it may be longer then other text types.

4. Chi Sin : I think descriptive writing is one way of how the writer use his/her writing skills to project a picture in the readers' mind so that they can picture or "see" what is the writing about. I feel that without descriptive writings, the writer's work is incomplete as the work would be as dull as grey and it would not capture the readers' attention and interest. Formal letters, expositions and other type of texts , are based on your opinion, your knowledge of things... but descriptive writing is different. We use it, not because we want to argue about a point, or tell a story.But we use it to spice up our stories so that we could bring in our readers into it. And there is no limit to what we can write, as long as it is relevant.

5. Afiqah: Personally, I think descriptive writing is one of the styles of writing a writer uses to bring his/her readers closer to the story. In a way, readers will find themselves actually living the book instead of just reading it. Descriptive writing also add colours and life in the characters and the world they lived in. Descriptive writing is normally something from the author's memories or his/her own personal imagination. I think the best descriptive writing is when the author really brings his/her readers into her world that they can feel what the character is seeing, taste what the character is tasting and basically be the character. I also think that such writing need not use bombastic words as it loses its appeal sooner or later as such words might not be too familiar with the readers. There's a lot of difference between descriptive writing and other types of writing. Comparing it with expository writing, expository writing is much more dull and factual while descriptive gives readers a sense of life. Descriptive writing is normally associated with narrative and personal recount as that is what will make a story at its best.

6. Lynn: Descriptive writing is when one writes with the intention of accurately depicting a scene or object.

7. Yu Ting: I think that descriptive writing is usually is, like its name suggests, to describes things, events or people. However, it is important in descriptive writing that the readers can feel that connection to what ever the writer is describing, and also picture it. Sometimes descriptive writings can describe feelings too and it is important for a successful writer to master this skill.

8. Revathi: I think descriptive writing is a way of writing what you see, hear, feel, and think. It is basically using all your senses and opening up you mind to the world and putting it into words. • I think that descriptive writing is different from other text types because not only does it bring new life to a story, it also gives the story a personal feel. Descriptive writing gives the reader closure to the author because the author is writing what they are interpreting from their senses. And I also think a reader can learn a lot about the author when reading one’s descriptive writing. Though many may argue that some of these descriptions could’ve been imagined, it could’ve only been imagined based on the author’s prior interactions, no? So, in that way too, you learn more about the author and the author’s train of thoughts. More importantly you can learn what kind of a person the author is. I do believe that descriptive writing is not only one of the more fun to write, but also one of the most fun to read.

9. Olivia: Descriptive writing is where we describe different objects, people and things around us. It helps the reader to understand the atmosphere/ambience without having to actually be there in person. It is different from other writings styles because we have to use our five senses to guide the reader.

10. Marsha: In my opinion, descriptive writing is somewhat vividly describing someone or something to give the reader an idea of what you're describing. Various literary devices such as metaphors and similes can be used as well.

11. Olivia:

12. Group 1

12.1. Chengxin: Personally, i feel that descriptive writing is a way to describe something or someone in a lifelike manner so as to make the whole story more interesting. it entails of using different methods of description, such as using our 5 senses to give readers an accurate and real impression of that person or object. Lastly, i feel that descriptive writing is different from other text types as it focuses mainly on describing an object or a human, whereas others may focus on other things.

12.2. Qistina: I think descriptive writing is a form of writing whereby a lot of adjectives, adverbs or basically describing words are used to try to enable the reader to imagine the described object clearly. It basically uses our 5 senses to try to completely describe an object and this is different from other forms of writing because descriptive writing focuses mainly on making the reader of the text imagine clearly and have a deeper understanding on the object being described.

12.3. Alex: Personally, I think descriptive writing is used mostly in the fiction as the reader is transported to a different world where imagination is important. Descriptive writing engages the reader’s senses, therefore making it interesting. It is uncommon in expositions or formal letter as the style may be deemed informal as the content of expositions or formal letters are based on mostly facts, where the reader’s attention is focused on the main points instead of the whole picture.

12.4. Gin: To me, descriptive writing is a creative form of writing that allows the reader to experience an event simply through reading. It excites the senses of the reader, and brings life to the story. It should be able to allow the reader to visualize the event and leave a strong impression as well. I feel that this form of writing is different and unique because it does not only dictate facts to the reader, but also makes use of various imagery tools to create strong emotions and feelings within the reader.

12.5. Lynn: In my opinion, descriptive writing is writing with the intention of accurately depicting a scene or object. Descriptive writing usually requires imagery and vivid description of the surroundings. Moreover, descriptive writing allows for a broader spectrum of topics to be brought up and described and allows for more freedom -- it does not have a strict structure like formal letters.

13. Group 2

13.1. Jia En : Descriptive Writing is an art of writing that provides a more distinguished, detailed and vivid range of words, where the choice of words are rich in vocabulary, such as simile or metaphors being used. Action verbs are used to further enhance the description and capture the readers' attention. Descriptive writing has no particular format like formal letters etc, but it is best to describe a scenario, person's features, atmosphere,ambience etc etc in a chronological order.

13.2. Kimberly: In my opinion, I think Descriptive Writing is a type of writing with the ability to put images in peoples minds, through the use of various desciptive and vivid nouns, adjectives and verbs. It is different from other texts as we can write depending on our creativity and imagination, it can also give impressions or make the reader feel as what the author or write wants, it allows more freedom and gives the reader a certain understanding of characters and evens, creating a certain spike in the reader's interest and atention.

13.3. An Qi: I feel that descriptive writing is about how one describes something, using descriptive words which make the object vivid and seem to come alive. It is different from the other text types because firstly it does not have a structure to adhere strictly to, and vocabulary words are very important as it is being used to describe the object.

14. Group 3

14.1. Li Ying: I feel that descriptive writing is a type of writing whereby objects, people, environment etc is being described vividly such that the reader is able to feel as if he or she is experiencing the event that is taking place in the story. Furthermore, descriptive writing emphasises more on the elaboration in terms of appearance and feelings wise. Finally, these descriptions used are mostly based on our five senses, allowing readers to actually have a more indepth view on the character described.

14.2. Germaine: I think that descriptive writing is as simple as describing something to a certain extent that it will convince someone of how realistic that object is when being described. Describing successfully is only when the audience is able to depict or imagine the vivid image of the object.

14.3. Gladys: I think descriptive writing is how a person brings across what ever he sees feel or knows through words which is written and passed. It entails of adjetives and knowledge of the writer, a story to be told a knowledge to be shared. It difers as it allows the writer to bring across whatever he sees in a veryy clear image to the reader with all the descriptive writig

14.4. Karl Ann: I think that descriptive writing is basically another technique or style of writing, where the writer describes the subject with detailed information, for example the surroundings, atmosphere and actions. This will give readers a sense of participation, as if they were really at the scene.

15. Group 4

15.1. Yong Fong: Descriptive writing is where the things being described is brought real to the reader, engaging the reader in the story, mood, etc. They are usually done with similies and/or metaphors to compare an event or thing that is there with something that is easily imaginable.

15.2. Descriptive writing is a way of describing something more thoroughly and in depth, and enticing and drawing the readers in as a result. It makes the plot/characters/setting/theme/atmosphere etc. seem more exciting and interesting. It comprises of vivd verbs and adjectives, and appealing to the audiences senses. Descriptive writing is naturally more interesting and likeable, as the readers are able to imagine and picture what is going on. Thus, many storybooks make use of descriptive writing so as to draw the readers in and to keep their attention. It is different from text types that we have learnt because in descriptive writing, we are able to provide more meticulous detail and add more "flowery" phrases.

16. Group 5

16.1. Shuhui: Descriptive writing is used to describe a certain place/people vividly in detail using phrases and careful choice of vocabulary. It can help to give the illusion of showing a reader what a thing is like. I think descriptive writing is different from other text types as more descriptive words are used and it is usually used in stories rather than in other text type eg. formal letters.

16.2. TingWei: I think descriptive writing is adding feelings into writing, using the five senses and making the reader feel as though she is in the story. The different techniques like similes and metaphors can be used. The descriptions should be able to create a mental vivid image and strong emotions in the reader. It is different from other essay types as it focus more on vivid descriptions and involves little plot.

16.3. Hannah: In my opinion, descriptive writing is when you describe objects that are present in a particular place. It tells us about the objects in that place and its features. It is different from other essay types as it is more detailed on the descriptions of the objects than compared to a narrative essay, which is more detailed about the storyline. It can contain similes or metaphors.

16.4. To me, descriptive writing is the vivid description of an object, person or scene. Descriptive writing can include the use of similes and metaphors, and gives the reader a clear and detailed mental image of what is being described. Unlike expositions and formal letters, descriptive writing does not have a proper structure to follow. It also does not have a climax or build up of events, unlike a narrative essay.

17. Group 7

18. Group 8

18.1. Jannah: I think descriptive writing is using your five senses to describe a place, person. For example, you can use your sight to describe how someone looks like or your smell to describe the fodd you are eating. I think descriptive writing is different from other text types because descriptive writing is not about telling a story but describing it so it is clearer.

18.1.1. Wen Hui: In my opinion, I think that descriptive writing is a form of writing that allows writer to solely describe about things or events. For example: Describing a person, place or thing etc... It can be in the form of appearance, behavior or even character. Descriptive writing entails mostly descriptive words or adjectives (which are words to describe objects). I guess the content of a descriptive writing is usually simple as most events are merely description, not much elaboration on specific details are included. By comparing descriptive writing with other texts, descriptive writing may not have much of a storyline as compared to a narrative or letter writing. Additional: Descriptive writing usually focuses on the five senses- see, smell, taste, hear and touch. Besides that, it can also be based on feelings or emotions. Usually, if the topic is describing a person, we have to focus on description only instead of events related to the person. The usage of similes/ metaphors are also common.

18.1.2. Ezrella : I think that descriptive writing is describing a certain event, place or person in detail to beatify it and allow the reader to conjure up their own image of what the writer has written. For example, you can change a sentence from simply saying "Today is a sunny day" to "The sun filtered through the curtains and tickled my skin to wake me from deep slumber". I think that descriptive writing is very special, different compared to other styles of writing as it contains a lot of emotion as well as adding colours to a simple piece of essay rather than seeing an essay in a boring, systematic and monotone manner.

18.2. Sharafah : I think Descriptive writing

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20. Group 6

20.1. Yu QI: The purpose of descriptive writing is to make our readers see, feel, and hear what we have seen, felt, and heard. Whether we're describing a person, a place, or a thing, our aim is to reveal a subject through vivid and carefully selected details. Descriptive writing entails sensory details, which appeal to the physical senses, and the details that appeal to a reeader's emotional, physical, or intellectual sensibilities.

20.2. Rebecca: I think that descriptive writing is when one uses a range of words like metaphors to bring about a more detailed mental image of the object, person, or place that is being described to a person.

20.3. Isabel: Descriptive writing is probably making use of your five senses to describe something and to make it more detailed and to create a picture in the person's mind. It should create vivid and original imagery: both mental pictures and emotional feelings. It should also let the person feel that he or she is actually present there with you and can feel what the narrator is describing. Also, try to use more similies and metaphors to avoid boring description. Also, make use of irony, symbolism. It is also different from the rest of the text types because its not just about telling or writing a story, it focuses on more a particular scenario. It also makes use of more "fun" language and not just narrate and simply bring a point across. I think that descriptive writing is also one of the hardest text types as a strong vocabulary is needed. Other text types tend to focus more on the points and not so much on describing and explaining the point. However, descriptive writing can be a part of narrative writing to make it more interesting.

20.4. Wei Lynn: Descriptive writing is the use of many different literary devices such as similes and metaphors, instead of overusing adjectives and adverbs, to create vivid mental pictures in the reader’s mind. The use of the 5 senses may aid in creating more convincing imagery in the reader’s mind. Descriptive writing is different from other text types as the main focus is concentrated on the fine details, that assist the reader to feel as if he or she were personally experiencing the thing being described, instead of focusing on the plot of the story.

20.5. Rachel: Descriptive writing is the process of asking questions about a particular scene using your five senses, before answering them using similes or methaphors. However, descriptive writing is not only just using words to simple describe a scene - it is also about giving a deeper insight to the scene. The author describes the scene so that the readers are able to understand it better, such as the explanation as to why everyone in the scene from A Few Good Men are wearing uniforms.

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