A Pets Paradise

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A Pets Paradise by Mind Map: A Pets Paradise

1. About me

1.1. This will be about information about me and my background to give visitors an idea who the owner is

1.1.1. Graphic design: I will insert graphic deign picture of myself

2. contact

2.1. The contact page will be basic information so visitors can reach us and ask questions if needed. You will also find the strategic planning and reference page located here.

2.1.1. Contact form: I will add a contact form so users can easily reach us.

2.1.2. Embed: I will embed the strategic planning and reference page.

3. home

3.1. This page is a brief overview of Pets Paradise. It will have very important information to grab potential costumers

3.1.1. video or animation: I will build and insert a quick slide show of dogs and cats to promote what kind of job we do

3.1.2. Digital Photo editing & Logo: I will insert a logo of my site in all my pages

4. Survey

4.1. This page will be about what we have to offer and what we can provide for your pet and what can do make this cite more beneficial for you.

4.1.1. Google Form: I will create a form to create questions to help benefit clients

5. Prices & Services

5.1. The the prices and services will include Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Tooth Brushing with Breath Spray, Face Trimming etc..

5.1.1. Info-graphic: simplify information in a visually engaging way in order to attract and inform a large audience

6. Pet Gallery

6.1. This page will focus on pictures of previous clients of there pets. This will show all types of breeds and hair cuts that we can do.

6.1.1. Images: an app prototype will be available to showcase previous clients pets

6.2. On this page you will also see a screen cast of my website. This will show were everything is located in my website.

6.2.1. Screen cast: an screen cast will be used to help and inform visitors to see pricing and see what they would

7. PP Tagline : Dogs and cats, big and small... We love them all.

8. Blog

8.1. This page will focus on all types of categories on dogs

8.1.1. Images: to showcase all content of dogs that can be very informative

9. Resources

9.1. This page will be about tips to take care of your dog

9.1.1. Pow town: I will build a video that focus on dogs but that our tips for a pet owner or for future pet owners