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Polysomnography by Mind Map: Polysomnography

1. Walk through the AASM inspection process

1.1. Meet with Inspector

1.2. Conduct In Lab Technical Survey

2. Performance Monitoring

2.1. $75.00/ hr

2.2. PI Metrics

2.3. Staff training as needed

2.4. Quarterly Audits

2.5. Ensure Policy Compliance

3. Run Test

3.1. CNS Staff

3.1.1. $23.00 / hour

4. Remote Score

4.1. Produce report

4.1.1. $25.00

4.2. Attach Interp to Report

4.2.1. $25.00

4.3. Produce Comparative Report

4.3.1. $25.00

4.4. Note for Tech on Quality

4.4.1. Great job on a quality aqusition

4.4.2. Don't forget to adjust thermistor when it falls off

5. Sleep Lab Recomendations

5.1. Cost Saving

5.1.1. Hire Acquisition tech

5.1.2. Contract Scoring

5.1.3. Reduce labor hour par per patient

5.1.4. Reduce Taxable Payroll

5.1.5. Reduce Overtime Hours

5.2. Consistency & Predictability in Reporting

5.2.1. Consistent product between all centers Irving Fort Worth Bakersfield I looked into the license for California and it seems its only needed if you are an acquisition tech in the state and not required for out of state reading etc. with that said its a simple test and $100.00 fee, I would be willing to take just to be safe and able to provide on site training if needed.

5.2.2. Faster turn around time

5.2.3. Scoring & report generation can be completed in 12 to 24 hours