Requirements Engineering Process

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Requirements Engineering Process by Mind Map: Requirements Engineering Process

1. Elaboration

1.1. Improve and investigate the collected information

1.2. Functional requirements

1.2.1. Non-Functional requirements

1.3. Quality requirements

1.4. Constraints

2. Negotiation

2.1. Obtain the list of requirements

2.2. Compute requirements

2.3. Seasure costs and risks

2.4. Solve conflicts

3. Specification

3.1. Document requirements

3.1.1. Show external system behaviour

3.1.2. Describe accomplishment conditions to achieve the desired objectives

3.2. Features of requirements statement

3.2.1. Unambiguous

3.2.2. Verifiable

3.2.3. Consistency

3.3. Result

4. Definition of requirements engineering

4.1. It is a discipline of the Software Engineering that supports Computer Engineers to a better understanding of a problem, define computer solutions or perform task to define requirements

5. Statement

5.1. Redefine objective

5.2. Define the scope of the future computer

5.3. Identify and specify restrictions

5.4. Define the environment development

6. Elicitation

6.1. Identify potential key users

6.2. Collect information on requirements

7. Validation and Management

7.1. Consolodate review with key users

7.2. Modify SRS(Software Requirements Specification)

8. Definition of requirement

8.1. The state that the system need in order to be functional and to achieve the desired objectives