What is meant by technology?

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What is meant by technology? by Mind Map: What is meant by technology?

1. the other part of it connects human with devices. (Kunal Sinha, 2005) How It Works: Internet of Things - Life Simplified with Connected Devices

2. definition-technology could be meant as a exotic human activity that transforms the creations by god with good access and freedom for their own use with the help of tools and practical equipment. (dyer, 2010)

2.1. some views about technology from different authors and writers- according to Alan Kay, it could be meant as a thing that was not present when you were born. (Greelish, 2013).

3. in past times the use of technology had not impacted the lives of people.

3.1. this video describes the whole transformation of technology from the last 50 years and providing us a base to start with the modern technology used nowadays.

3.1.1. http://prezi.com/bvd0m8xgqz4i/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share (Arias, 2013)

4. future of technology and its impact in our lives- technology is occupying each and every corner in our lives. We are CURIOUS to know what's the next?

4.1. the broad diversion of technology is one of its part connect devices as a source of network. it leads to collaboration and connects people together. (Kunal Sinha, 2005) IMAGE-https://lh6.ggpht.com/nvKeS3kRYUvyhOC6iHuXt5KTxFi0p2FA3zvAZ8aoefSFy1EC51k1bcHRPt8VnoC7qGwPwk8=w550

5. my views about the use of technology- in my perspective, it is a BOON for us. everything like kitchen appliances, cell phones, medications, advanced tools, new manufacturing techniques, automation industry ,almost in every field TECHNOLOGY IS A NECESSITY.

6. here are the references of the images and the clips used in my discussion- https://lh6.ggpht.com/nvKeS3kRYUvyhOC6iHuXt5KTxFi0p2FA3zvAZ8aoefSFy1EC51k1bcHRPt8VnoC7qGwPwk8=w550

7. as EDUCATION is the one of the important elements since past years. we are also going through the changes in the teaching patterns. earlier wooden boards were the sources for writing. by the time changed, technology improved and had caused drastic changes. nowadays, as we are going through the modern ways each one of us has access to everything by the use of our own tech devices. SLATE could be considered as a one of the inventions in this field. taking into account my course material, i am posting a clip describing the good development in field of education. https://slate.sheridancollege.ca/d2l/le/content/449513/viewContent/6327894/View VIDEO-The history of technology in education

8. references-References (n.d.). Retrieved from https://slate.sheridancollege.ca/d2l/le/content/449513/viewContent/6327894/View Arias, G. (2013, june 3). How has technology changed in the last 50 years! - Prezi. Retrieved from How has technology changed in the last 50 years!: https://prezi.com/bvd0m8xgqz4i/how-has-technology-changed-in-the-last-50-years/ dyer, j. (2010, june 23). A Christian Definition of Technology. Retrieved from A Christian Definition of Technology | Don't Eat The Fruit: http://donteatthefruit.com/2010/06/a-christian-definition-of-technology/ Kunal Sinha, O. &. (2005, april 11). The Future of Technology and its Impact on Our Lives. Retrieved from The Future of Technology and its Impact on Our Lives by Kunal...: http://www.wpp.com/wpp/marketing/digital/the-future-of-technology/

9. reason of using this tool- MIND MEISTER the tool i used for creating my mind map is a tool that helped me in explaining my ideas in a better way. i am able to put pictures and videos along with my views. despite that it's not space limited. as i can zoom out if i wanted to post more and more information. this is the very first time i am using this tool and my experience is good as i learned a new technology boon.