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1. exterior parts

1.1. case

1.1.1. caseback

1.1.2. case body lugs/horns spring bar/ band end

1.1.3. bezel crystal

1.2. dial/face

1.2.1. indicators/markers

1.3. strap

1.3.1. clasp

1.4. bracelet/band

1.4.1. links

1.4.2. deployment buckle/foldover

1.5. winding crown

1.5.1. winding stem

2. internal parts

2.1. escapement

2.1.1. lever/anchor guard pin/dart entry pallet exit pallet lever pivot pallet lever/anchor pallet fork horns

2.1.2. balance staff

2.1.3. escape wheel

2.2. organo oscillatore

2.2.1. balance wheel hairspring/balance spring anti-shock mechanism the block/the end-piece the jewel housing the pierced jewel the cap jewel "Lyre" shaped spring/the retaining spring balance staff collet = VIROLA plateau/(impulse pin??) balance cock regulator stud stud holder balance wheel

2.3. support structure

2.3.1. mainplate bridges pinions screws jewels

2.4. organo motore

2.4.1. barrel barrel cap / cover??? mainspring bridle or EYE??? COQUILLON?? barrel arbor hook barrel bridge click(CRICCHETTO) click screw Large tooth and small tooth click spring rachet wheel (ROCCHETTO) ratchet wheel screw main wheel/drum??? (TAMBURO) notch/hook

2.5. geartrain

2.5.1. center wheel center wheel pinion

2.5.2. third wheel third wheel pinion

2.5.3. fourth wheel fourth wheel pinion

2.5.4. escape wheel escape wheel pinion

2.6. winding mechanism

2.6.1. winding pinion/clutch wheel

2.6.2. sliding pinion/wig-wag pinion (with "Breguet" toothing)

2.6.3. winding stem winding crown

2.6.4. yoke/clutch lever cover plate/bridge //setting cap spring cover plate/bridge screw// setting cap spring screw yoke/clutch spring yoke/clutch screw

2.6.5. setting lever setting lever screw setting lever pin

2.6.6. setting wheel

2.6.7. intermediate setting wheel

2.7. motion work

2.7.1. cannon pinion hour hand minute hand

2.7.2. minute wheel

2.7.3. hour wheel