Questions on the exam.

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Questions on the exam. by Mind Map: Questions on the exam.

1. Define

1.1. Alliteration

1.2. Allegory

1.3. Apostrophe

1.4. Repetition

1.5. Anaphora

1.6. Irony

1.7. Onomatopoeia

1.8. Paradox

1.9. Anastrophe

1.10. Euphemism

1.11. Personification

1.12. Imagery

2. A Separate Peace

2.1. Write some essays

2.2. Write a few more paragraphs and essays

3. Romeo and juliet

3.1. Set three things we learn from the chorus at the beginning of the play.

3.2. Describe Juliet's relationship with her nurse.

3.3. Describe Romeo before and after he meets Juliet.

3.4. State one personality characteristic of Tybalt and give one example where he demonstrates this attribute.

3.5. Describe the relationship between the Capulets and the Montagues.

3.6. Find oxymorons/similes/metaphors/hyperboles in the passage and identify the speaker.

3.7. New node