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Biopolymers by Mind Map: Biopolymers

1. Application

1.1. Biopolymers are a renewable resource as they are produced by living organisms.

1.2. Biopolymers such as Zein and Polylactic acid (both found in maize or corn starch) can replace non renewable Polystyrene and Polyethylene.

1.3. Biopolymers are degradable whereas polymers are made from 98% oil and will not break down.

2. Examples

2.1. Proteins

2.2. Sugars

2.3. Amino Acids

2.4. Nucleotides

3. General info

3.1. A class of polymers produced by living organisms

3.2. Differ from polymers in their structure

3.3. A renewable and biodegradable resource

4. Structure

4.1. Structural biology = the study of structural properties of biopolymers

4.2. Biopolymers are more complex in structure than normal polymers

4.3. Many biopolymers spontaneously fold into characteristic compact shapes

5. Production

5.1. Produced by living organisms

5.2. Can be produced from biomass