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Good to Great by Mind Map: Good to Great

1. Discipline of people

1.1. 1.Level 5 Leadership

1.1.1. the 5 levels

1.2. 2. 1st who then what

1.2.1. first get the right people on the bus and wrong people off the bus before figuring out the destination

1.2.2. Be very very rigorous in your people decision

1.2.3. level 5+ Mgmt Team

1.2.4. L4- Genius with 1000 helpers

2. Discipline of action

2.1. 5 Discipline

2.1.1. This book is about creating a culture of discipline

2.1.2. 1st Discipline-people getting self disciplined people on the bus in the fire place not trying to discipline the wrong people

2.1.3. 2nd discipline-thought Stockdale Paradox having the discipline to confront the brutal facts if reality WHILE Regaining absolute faith that you can and will create a path to greatness Hedgehog working on the intersection of the three circles

2.1.4. 3rd Discipline-action

2.2. 6. Technology

3. 7.The Flywheel and Doom loop

4. Good is the enemy of great

5. 3.Discipline of thought

5.1. confront the brutal facts

5.1.1. contrary to popular culture and media's fascination with one great result come about by a series of good decisions diligently execute and accumulated on top of one another

5.1.2. 2 distinctive forms discipline thought confront the brutal facts apply hedgehog's concept

5.1.3. create a climate where truth previals 1. lead with question not answer 2. use dialog and debate not coercion 3. conduce autopsies without the blame game 4. build red frag mechanism it's not one that company has more or better quality information into information that can not be ignored

5.1.4. the stockdale Paradox Adm.Jim Stockdale in Vietnam have faith that you will prevail in the end regardless of the difficulties confront the most brutal faces of your current reality wherever they are

6. 4. The Hedgehog

6.1. Fox

6.1.1. scattered and diffused in many levels because they see the world in all its complexity

6.1.2. you know many things but lack consistency

6.2. Hedgehog

6.2.1. the have a piercing insight that allows them to see though complexity and discern underlying patterns

6.2.2. Simplify a complex world into a single organizing idea

6.3. the three interesting circles

6.3.1. what you are deeply passionate about

6.3.2. what you CAN BE the best in the world at, not what you WANT to be the best at. this understanding is crucial

6.3.3. what drives your economic engine

7. Good to Great to built to last