Comparative Adjectives

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Comparative Adjectives by Mind Map: Comparative Adjectives

1. Exercises

2. Marcela is uglier than Karla Victor is taller than Adrian Elephants are bigger than tigers Those shoes are better than yours.

3. expensive / more expensive (caro / más caro) beautiful / more beautiful (bonito / más bonito) generous / more generous (generoso / más generoso)

4. Long adjectives

5. Short adjectives

6. When we want to compare an object, place or person with another object, we use comparative adjectives. A comparative is formed by adding the "er" particle at the end of the adjective or by using the phrases "more than" or "less than" as needed

7. Examples

8. small / smaller (pequeño / mas pequeño) cool / cooler (fresco / más fresco) cheap / cheaper (barato / más barato) fast / faster (rápido / más rápido) clean / cleaner (limpio / más limpio)

9. Luis is slow, Ronaldo is slower, but messy is slowest. Ronaldo is talented, Luis is more Talented.

10. Exercises

11. good –> better –> best bad –> worse –> worst far –> farther/further –> farthest/furthest

12. Exception