Comparative Adjectives

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Comparative Adjectives by Mind Map: Comparative Adjectives

1. Luis is slow, Ronaldo is slower, but messy is slowest. Ronaldo is talented, Luis is more Talented.

2. Exercises

3. Exercises

4. Marcela is uglier than Karla Victor is taller than Adrian Elephants are bigger than tigers Those shoes are better than yours.

5. good –> better –> best bad –> worse –> worst far –> farther/further –> farthest/furthest

6. Exception

7. expensive / more expensive (caro / más caro) beautiful / more beautiful (bonito / más bonito) generous / more generous (generoso / más generoso)

8. Long adjectives

9. Short adjectives

10. When we want to compare an object, place or person with another object, we use comparative adjectives. A comparative is formed by adding the "er" particle at the end of the adjective or by using the phrases "more than" or "less than" as needed

11. Examples

12. small / smaller (pequeño / mas pequeño) cool / cooler (fresco / más fresco) cheap / cheaper (barato / más barato) fast / faster (rápido / más rápido) clean / cleaner (limpio / más limpio)