Lamb to the Slaughter

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Lamb to the Slaughter by Mind Map: Lamb to the Slaughter

1. Setting

1.1. Mary&Patricks House

1.1.1. Death of Patrick

1.1.2. Mary kills him

2. Timeline

2.1. Beginning

2.1.1. Patrick comes home to tell Mary bad news Mary is upset He wants a divorce

2.2. Middle

2.2.1. Mary insits on making dinner for Patrick Mary gets frozen lamb from freezer Mary hits Patrick with frozen lamb Mary kills Patrick

2.3. End

2.3.1. Mary calls police about the murder Police investigate/question Mary

3. Characters

3.1. Mary Maloney

3.1.1. caring wife insisted on making dinner for her husband

3.1.2. Sneaky kills husband with lamb cooks lamb which is murder weapon for police "its probably right under our noses. What do you think Jack?" Mary started to laugh

3.2. Patrick Maloney

3.2.1. Innocent Mary killed him because she overreacted because of what Patrick said

3.2.2. Cold Hearted Told Mary he wanted a divorce while she was pregnant

4. Plot

4.1. Rising action

4.1.1. Patrick comes home and tells Mary bad news

4.2. Cimax

4.2.1. Mary kills Patrick with frozen lamb

4.3. Falling action

4.3.1. Mary calls police Police eat the cooked lamb (murder weapon)

4.3.2. Cooks the frozen lamb

5. Literary Devices

5.1. Foreshadowing

5.1.1. Did not know that Mary was going to get away with the murder so easy

6. Theme

6.1. Don't judge a book by its cover

6.1.1. The police where clueless about suspecting that Mary was the one who killed Patrick