DNN-Europe Network of Professionals

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DNN-Europe Network of Professionals by Mind Map: DNN-Europe Network of  Professionals

1. Get Connected!

1.1. Forums

1.2. Live meetings

1.3. phisical meetings

1.3.1. Switserland

1.3.2. Netherlands

1.4. Knowledge Exchange Platform

2. Improve Business Opportunities

2.1. Marketing Support

2.2. Platform to gain public visibility for members

2.3. Sales lead generation

2.4. Provide Partner Support

2.5. Store for the European Product and Service

2.6. Advanced Product and Services Offerings

3. Supporting User Groups and Communities

3.1. integrate the country specific user groups into DNN Europe

4. Spotlight on Localizing Features in DotNetNuke

5. Open the European Market for DotNetNuke

5.1. Event Organization

5.1.1. Day of DNN

5.1.2. Web connections

5.2. Provide one stop platform for those interested in the platform

5.3. modules listing with referal link to snowcovered