Winter Olympics through the years

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Winter Olympics through the years by Mind Map: Winter Olympics through the years

1. 1924

1.1. Flag of France - Wikipedia

1.2. These Olympics take place in Chamoinix, France

1.3. In 1926, during the 25th Session of the International Olympic Committee in Lisbon, the Chamonix Games were recognised as the first Olympic Winter Games

2. 1952

2.1. Flag of Norway - Wikipedia

2.2. For the first time, New Zealand took part in the games.

2.3. These Olympics took place in Oslo, Norway.

3. 1948

3.1. Flag of Switzerland - Wikipedia

3.2. This Olympics took place in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

3.3. Germany and Japan were not invited to take part

4. What Winter Olympic Year Am I? Winter Olympics through the years

5. 2014

5.1. Flag of Russia - Wikipedia

5.2. Sochi, Russia hosted these Olympic Games

5.3. President Vladimir Putin officially opened the Ceremony.

6. 2002

6.1. Flag of the United States - Wikipedia

6.2. Salt Lake City, United States hosted these Olympic games.

6.3. For the first time, women's bobsleigh was part of the program.

7. 2006

7.1. Flag of Italy - Wikipedia

7.2. These Olympics took place in

7.3. The Torino 2006 cauldron is reported to be the tallest cauldron in the history of the Olympic Games. Measuring 57 metres, the cauldron has three segments of 31, 15 and 11 metres respectively.