Cultural Considerations: Malaysia

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Cultural Considerations: Malaysia by Mind Map: Cultural Considerations: Malaysia

1. Customs

1.1. Malays -> handshake (malay women may not handshake with men) // bow

1.1.1. Chinese -> women extend hands first. // lower their eyes during greeting Indian -> has to nod their heads with the opposite gender and smiles

1.2. Malays -> if invited, bring chocolate/pastries // no alcohol // x pig skin // avoid white wrapping paper as it symbolizes death

1.2.1. Chinese -> avoid giving sharp items // flowers are not allow as it is for the sicks/funeral Indian -> Avoid giving frangipani as it is used in funeral wreaths // wrap in gifts in red, yellow, gree/bright colour brings good fortune

2. Holiday and Celebration

2.1. Hari Raya AidilFitri

2.1.1. Wesak Chinese New Year Deepavali

3. Business Etiquette

3.1. Dress Etiquette -> Men should wear suit, black pants, long-sleeve shirt and a neck tie. Women have more freedom regarding their dress style.

3.1.1. Handshake-> physical touch might seem inappropriate to the Muslims. For chinese business partners, it is appropriate to shake hands with a woman.

4. Religious Beliefs

4.1. We have to finish the food on our plates (they believe that if you dont, your future spouse will not be attractive)

4.1.1. Shatter a mirror and you'll have years of bad luck (breaking glass and cleaning after it is a mess. If something is unpleasent, you won't know what is it.) "Touch wood!" (It can be considered a way to detect the ones we love from being so negative in their thinking)

5. Level of Education

5.1. Primary, Secondary, College, University

5.1.1. Exams syllabus -> SPM, PT3, STPM

5.2. Certificate and diploma education from age 17+ onwards

5.2.1. Teacher education at Teacher Training Institutes from age 17+ onwards Postgraduates studies (master's degree or PhD studies after aquiring a bachelor's degree)

6. Greetings

7. Gift giving

8. Higher Education

9. Communicating Protocol

9.1. Group Orientation Family is considered the center of the social structure. Emphasis on unity, loyalty and respect for the elderly is a unifying value of most Malaysians, whether Malay, Chinese or Indian.