JJ Virgin Diet

Mindmap I made after reading JJ Virgin's diet book 💛

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JJ Virgin Diet by Mind Map: JJ Virgin Diet

1. Quotes to Remember

1.1. You are what you eat, ate

1.2. You need to eat fat to burn fat

1.3. Too much healthy food is unhealthy

1.4. Your body is not a calorimeter, it's a chemistry lab

1.5. Food is information, each food that you eat sends your body a message.

1.5.1. what you eat, how fast you eat, what combinations you eat, how you feel while you're eating and what you drink with what you eat.

1.6. When it comes to weight loss and healthy eating, moderation doesn't work.

2. Bad food reactions

2.1. Food intolerance

2.1.1. 3 types True intolerance Genetic problem Solution: avoid that food Food sensitivity Type of immune reaction but mobilizes different type of antibody than food allergies do Responses are chronic Symptoms Affects 75% of the population Food reactions Anything that interferes with blood sugar and insulin response

2.1.2. Inflammation Product of any intense immune response Supposed to help your system heal but it's actually a negative side effect Chemical changes That impedes body to burn fat, tolerate stress, normalize appetite and cravings Body can't "hear" cortisol Resistance to Leptin Can't respond to adiponectin Insulin resistance Fluid retention Digestive Problems Loss of energy Extra fat cells release cytokines Test blood for high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) Elevated level Leaky gut Cells of intestinal lining aren't pressed up tightly so they let particles of undigested food/waste/toxins leak out into bloodstream Gut healers

2.2. Food allergy

2.2.1. Body releases antibodies in the bloodstream IgE (immonuglobulin E) Most agressive defense system of the body Releases large amounts of histamine

2.2.2. Responses are acute

2.2.3. Other allergic reactions: rashes, hives, itching, eczema, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, shortness of breath, chest pain, bloating, nausea, cramping

3. Poop

3.1. Good

3.1.1. 2-3 bowel movements per day

3.1.2. Comes out smoothly and without much effort

3.1.3. For good poop Vitamin C 1-5 grams per night Magnesium 300-1k mg per night Hot coffee/tea in the morning Sip peppermint tea throughout the day 2-3 prunes into shake Footstool

3.2. Bad

3.2.1. Oily residue / slick slides You'e not absorbing fat well

3.2.2. Rabbit pellets Not enough fiber

3.2.3. Floating poop Gas excess or bad bacteria excess

4. Food journal

4.1. Describe vowel movement, type of poop

4.2. Describe how you feel before and after eating

4.3. Describe energy levels, brain behavior, muscle & joints sensation, gut behavior.

4.4. Describe all you eat and drink during the day

4.5. Describe skin, nails, hair...

4.6. Weight yourself every week

5. Meal assembly guide

5.1. Protein

5.1.1. Men 180-240gr

5.1.2. Women 120-180gr

5.2. High-fiber, low-glycemic carbs

5.2.1. Men 1 cup

5.2.2. Women 1/2 cup

5.3. Healthy fat

5.3.1. 1 serving = 100 calories 1 tbsp of fat 1/3 avocado Fat in grass-fed beef pasture-fed pork lamb or wild cold-water fish

5.4. Nonstarchy vegetables

5.4.1. Raw 2 cups

5.4.2. Cooked 1 cup

5.4.3. At least 5 and ideally 10 servings per day

6. Cycles

6.1. Cycle 1 (21 days)

6.1.1. 1 shake + 1 plate + 1 shake + 1 snack

6.1.2. Drop top 7 high-FI foods Maybe later Eggs Dairy Gluten Soy Never again 🥜 Peanuts Corn Sugar & artificial sweetners

6.1.3. Eat from the plate Clean lean protein Animals Sea food Vegetarians Healthy fats Palm fruit oil and coconut milk/oil Avocado, olive oil, olives, raw nuts & butter, raw seeds (chia, hemp, freshly ground flax-seed meal), sesame oil, wild cold water fish Nuts yes 1.- soak nuts over night with sea salt 2.- toss nuts in cinnamon or spicy/salty 3.- spread nuts onto a cookie sheet 4.- bake 8 hours 140º 5.- cool & store in fridge High-fiber low-glycemic carbs Easy tricks Lentils, quinoa, split peas, jicama, beets, brown rice, quinoa pasta, brown rice wraps, lima beans, pumpkin, squash, carrots, millet, sweet potato, white beans, garbanzo. Carrots always combined and raw 1 - 4 servings a day of sweet potatoes, legumes & grains Nonstartchy vegetables Fruits

6.1.4. Drink shakes Always a shake for breakfast between 400-500 calories 20-25 grams of protein per shake 1-2 tbsp fiber chia, hemp, flaxseed, nut butter or fiber blend 1 cup of organic frozen berries 1 cup of liquid: water, coconut milk/water (no sugar added) What to look for in your shake No artificial sweetners (only stevia acceptable) Less than 5 grams of sugar No whey, dairy, milk solids, egg or soy If you exercise in the morning, have half shake before workout and half shake after No maltodextrine At least 5 grams of fiber Pea-rice protein

6.1.5. Follow golden rules of timing Eat only every 4-6 hours Ideally, only eat 3 times a day with maximum 1 extra snack Eat within the 1st hour you wake up Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed 🥤 Water 500ml when waking up 500ml 60 - 30 min before every meal Wait an hour after meals before drinking water again While eating, drink maximum 200ml but try to avoid water 250ml before going to bed During a day drink over 2 Lt

6.1.6. Stay hydrated By the time your thirsty, you're already dehydrated Put a water filter in every tap of your house Coffe, tea and soft drinks actually dehydrate you, you have to drink even more water You can add 5-10gr of fiber to your water to avoid feeling hungry between meals NO plastic bottles

6.1.7. Load up on low-FI healing foods Apple, artichokes, avocado, beets, berries, broccoli, cabbage, chia, cilantro, cinnamon, coconut, curcumin, dandelion greens, cauliflower, extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed meal, garlic, ginger, green tea, lentils, oregano, palm fruit oil (high heats), pomegranate, red onions, red peppers, rosemary, sauerkraut, sea salt, salmon, sardines, scallops, sweet potato, xylitol Others Proteins: hormone-free free range chicken & turkey, pea-rice hemp protein, pasture fed lamb, cold water fish Non-starchy vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, spinach, dip green leafy vegetables Fruit: apples & blueberries Fats: avocado, chía, olive oil, freshly ground flaxseed meal, coconut oil/milk, palm fruit oil High-fiber starchy carbs: brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, lentils Fermented foods

6.1.8. Eat fiber Soluble Helps things slow down in the stomach and shape poop Non-soluble Speeds up the passage of food and waste through the gut

6.1.9. You will notice stop in cravings and reduced bloating

6.2. Cycle 2 (28 days)

6.2.1. Every week Try 1 of the potentially healthy hi-FI foods, keep diary and determine if it stays of goes

6.3. Cycle 3 (lifetime)

6.3.1. Excercise

6.3.2. Avoid Corn, peanuts & sugar 95% of the time

6.3.3. Rechallenge potentially healthy hi-FI foods The ones you reacted to in cycle2 After 3 -6 months

6.3.4. Every 12 months repeat program