Role of a Teacher

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Role of a Teacher by Mind Map: Role of a Teacher

1. School

1.1. develop and document teaching programs and assessment

1.2. comply with applicable legislation.

1.3. creating inviting school spaces for students to be.

1.4. supervision in the school yard.

2. community

2.1. demonstrate high standards of professional behaviour

2.1.1. collaborate with wider community: develop learning opportunities and ensure safe environment for students.

2.2. build links with community with the students so they see relevance in their schooling for their future careers

2.3. arrange excursions to exciting and relevant places / incursions - visitors to present ideas / techniques / etc...

2.4. establish relationships with the parents / are givers of all my students.

3. faculty

3.1. collaborate with staff in planning and developing / delivering programs/ school policies

3.2. share resources

3.3. attend meetings

3.4. mentor and be mentored!

4. classroom

4.1. duty of care to students; inclusive of equitable treatment for all.

4.2. manage classroom behaviour with appropriate strategies for the class.

4.3. know and use technology effectively to teach.

4.4. encourage indépendant student learning

4.5. have fun! make lessons interesting. create the space for student individuality, expression and curiosity to thrive

4.6. be trained in FIRST AID and be prepared to use it.

4.7. be friendly, nurturing, grow respectful relationships with students. Be accountable and responsible and ask students to be this way with themselves and others.

4.8. know the students and how they learn: including culturally diverse students, aboriginal & torres straight islander students

4.9. differentiate teaching strategies to meet specific needs of students. no two lessons are the same.... adapt and change as required

4.10. account for the where about of all my students - all the time...

5. personal

5.1. professional development: continually assess own learning needs for being current in own subject area and curriculum.

5.2. uphold the values of the school eg: integrity, professionalism, honesty, fairness, inclusion, etc...

5.3. practice literacy and numeracy skills to deliver in my subject area.

5.4. practice my craft to ensure skills, ability, technical proficiency and ideas are fresh

5.5. problem solving

5.6. unit and lesson planning.

5.7. be very concise and clear with written and oral communication. particularly when designing assessments and communicating with parents.

5.8. make time for myself - i can not teach effectively if i am tired and sick!