Alchemy: Transmutation

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Alchemy: Transmutation by Mind Map: Alchemy: Transmutation

1. Practices

1.1. We must pass through great emotional crisis in order to dissolve the psychological defect.

1.2. Volunteering suffering: acceptance of the suffering we are going through.

1.3. Our entire heart, mind, and body (our phyci) must go through purification through these ordeals and we must continue to do this over and over till we reach the essence.

1.4. Doing the work of the inner most, one must strive continuously to work for our inner most.

1.5. Convert Selfishness into selflessness. Convert Laziness into Diligence Convert Lust into Chastity Convert Pride into Humility Convert Hate/Anger into Love Convert Envy into Happiness for Others Convert Gluttony into Temperance

1.6. Each of the above are part of the ego and each of these have elemental aspects, ie, the hate/anger is fire.

1.7. One must be present, be conscious, be attentive to these ego in order to convert the ego into the higher self so the essence can shine through

1.8. Praying to God for help to convert the lower self into the higher self.

1.9. Providing our energy through meditation and focus to the higher self.

2. What and Why

2.1. To Transmute is to completely change something, originally it means to change lead into gold, to bring an element to its essence "the quintessence"

2.2. The active energy is the quintessences, and we need to awaken the quintessence within us

2.3. To become something new we need to remove what makes us "us" and get back to the essence, to transmute, to become a mutant. We want a conscious mutation.

2.4. We must respond to the pressure that are upon us properly, in order to do this we must transmute ourselves to handle the pressure properly so we can transcend the pressures of our problems.

3. Further Analysis

3.1. Our physical being is made up of all the element, air, fire, water, earth.

3.2. Our Psychology is also encoded within us by the elements but not the physical aspect of the element. They show up through thoughts and feelings.

3.3. We need to transmute these elements, transmute our physical as well as the psychological aspect.

3.4. We need to train ourselves to transcend the ordeals that are given to us by our inner most, these ordeals help us transform the elements within us.

3.5. To transmute the elements we must break them down to the essence, and then rebuild them. (A new heart, a new mind, a new body) (to be healed) (to die and be reborned)

3.6. The master is the one that can accept the issues they face and change themselves to transcend the issue.

3.7. When the elements are transmuted, the light of the inner most can shine through. You would be no longer be "ego you" but the "soul you" that can shine through the body.