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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My doctor. I am very interested in the medical field. I could ask her about information and tips in order for me to pursue a job there.

2. My friend, Michelle's, dad. He owns a business and knows people who could possibly help me find a job. He could also put in a good word for me.

3. My Grandma Sally. She works for an organization that owns a lot of businesses. For example, they own a coffee shop so she could get me a job as a barista there.

4. My uncles girlfriend, Chelsea. She is a veterinarian and I have always loved working with animals. I could get advice from her and a possible job shadow as well.

5. My family friend, Robin. She is self-employed but knows a lot of people from working. She could hear someone is hiring and help me get a job.

6. My aunties friend, Sarah. She works as a physiotherapist which is something I have been interested in. she could give me information about the job.

7. My friends. They all work at different jobs and if i wanted a job shift they could help me get a job where they are working, could put in a good word.

8. My brothers physiotherapist. I would ask her the skills and courses I needed to become a physiotherapist and what it is like to work as one.

9. My previous basketball coach, Mr. Ibbetson. Could introduce me to other coaches and possibly get me a job teaching kids how to play.

10. My parents, Candace and Chris. My mom works in the school district so she could help me get a job shadow and put in a really good word if I ever wanted a job in the school district.

11. My school counselor, Mrs. Corrado. She could help me find a job shadow and point me in the right direction to go , career wise.

12. My brother, Jared. Knows a lot of coaches from hockey and one of them could possibly know of someone who is hiring and help me find a job.

13. My co-workers. A few of my co-workers are thinking of switching jobs. we could help each other find new jobs.

14. A surgeon. I would talk to them about possible career opportunities in that field of work and ask about volunteer opportunities.

15. A police officer. For a little while I was interested in becoming a police officer. I could talk to them and gather more information about the job.