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Eric Asplin by Mind Map: Eric Asplin

1. Rob Asplin, He is my dad and he has a lot of connections with people who work at BC hydro because he is pretty high up there.

1.1. Could know Chris O'Reily who is the current CEO of BC Hydro. And if I knew him I could get into BC Hydro easily.

1.1.1. From being the CEO of one business you could know other CEO of other businesses which might intrigue me more.

2. Jennifer Cable, My step Mom who works at CNB, if I want to go into teaching I already will have connections at a school so it would be easier for me to get a job.

2.1. Knows Curtis Schreiber who is the current Principal at CNB. who overlooks all the teachers there and who gets hired there so that could help me getting a job there after Post Secondary.

2.1.1. Knows the superintendent of the school district who could get me interviews for jobs at other schools in the district.

3. Matthew Asplin, My uncle who is a professor at UVIC. It could be easier to get into UVIC because I know someone that is a professor there and if I could get in I would have a place t stay for free.

3.1. Knows Dean Tricia Marck who is the Dean of UVIC. She could help me because she is the Dean of the school so she overlooks everything.

3.1.1. Probably knows Deans of other schools and if i can't get into UVIC then she can recommend me to another school.

4. Silvia Spacek, My mom she doesn't have many connections but her boyfriend has lots of connections. She also has a lot of friends who own a business.

4.1. she knows Dave Quackenbush who owns a landscaping company. Help me make quick easy money.

4.1.1. Knows John Spacek who is my uncle. He is very high up in Telus and could help me to get a job there.

5. Dave Quackenbush, My step dad he owns a landscaping company so if I want a job I can just work with him.

5.1. Knows the owner of Nutri-Lawn in West Kelowna. Could get me a contract with Nutri Lawn.

5.1.1. Knows CEO of all Nutri Lawn and could get me high up there really quick.