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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My sister: Emily Ertel she is in second year at medical school and has done a lot of research work so she could get me a volunteer job at a hospital or medical clinic that she was worked for in the past.

2. My friend: Michelle she works at H2O as a lifeguard and could help me get a job there or at the gym they have there because she is an active member

3. My sister: Madeleine Ertel she is a jazz musician in Toronto so she would be able to help me get a serving or playing job at the restaurants she gigs at if she has a good relationship with the manager

4. My dad: Mike Ertel he is VP for interior health and an ER doctor so he has many connections throughout the hospital which could help me get a job there. He also organizes events and is close with many restaurant owners so that could help me obtain a serving job.

5. My nordic ski coach: Adam Elliott, he has coached me since I was really young and knows my work ethic really well so he could get me a job at Telemark Nordic Club working with passes or fitting skies for rentals.

6. My parents friends: Jeff and Pam Eppler, Jeff is an ER doctor and has known me since I was really young and Pam is a physio and they both know me quite well and have lots of contacts around Kelowna especially with nursing homes and the hospital so I could obtain a volunteer job from them there and that would expand my network even more

7. My old babysitter: Bev Banks, she took care of me from grade one to grade 10 so she knows me on a really personal level. She takes care of dogs and houses when people go away and she could get me a job doing that if someone asked her and she was busy she could refer them to me.

8. A Psychiatrist: I am really interested in studying psychology but I'm not sure what I want to do with it. By talking to someone who has been practicing for a while I could gain knowledge of the steps I would have to take in order to achieve my goal.

9. A student who is currently doing a psych major in university: It is a degree I am considering and they could give me their opinion on their own experience within it and possible tips for how to achieve success in the program.

10. Councillor at KSS: It's a possible career after a psych degree that I have not previously considered but could gain more information on what their job does specifically and if it's something I could be interested in

11. My mom: Wendy Wickstrom she is a family doctor and works at an office that could use help with more simple tasks or organization so she could get me a job there.

12. Ocean: a barista at Chaibaba her and I talk often because I go there weekly and I have also played music for some of her events so she could put in a good word with the owner of Chaibaba to help me get a job there

13. My teacher: mrs. French, she has worked with me a lot in the music program and knows my ability so she could set me up with gig opportunities

14. A university professor: I'm interested in research so by talking to someone who has done that as a career I could know more about the work load and if it would be something that would interest me in the future

15. A volunteer at KGH: They could set me up with a interview to volunteer as well and give me information on some of the stuff you have to do. By volunteering at the hospital I would gain more connections in the medical field which would help with my future.