Principles of Change Management

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Principles of Change Management by Mind Map: Principles of Change Management

1. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

1.1. Overcommunicate!

1.2. Be inspirational and predictable

1.2.1. Senior leadership messaging Explain why the change is necessary Outline the risks of not changing Show how the change aligns with the company vision

1.2.2. Supervisor messaging Explain how the change affects the employee / team and their responsibilities

1.3. Ask for input from employees

1.3.1. It shouldn't be a one-way street

2. Manage Resistance.

2.1. Resistance to change is normal and to be expected, but can be mitigated.

2.2. Understand the factors that drive resistance

2.2.1. Change's influence on employee's work

2.2.2. Personal factors Age, health, finances, family, personal vision...

2.2.3. etc.

2.3. Don't treat resistance as trouble ("problem employee")

2.3.1. Instead engage employees

2.3.2. Build enthusiasm & passion around the change

3. Be systematic.

3.1. Develop a formal approach for managing change

3.2. Start by engaging leaders and key stakeholders

3.2.1. Executive team must embrace change and speak with one voice

3.3. Collect data, analyze and plan thoroughly!

4. Go through all levels.

4.1. Change needs to 'cascade' through organization

4.2. Identify leaders at every level

4.2.1. Must be aligned to the company's vision and motivated to make change happen

4.2.2. To create real ownership... involve them in identifying problems and finding solutions provide incentives and rewards

4.3. Talk to the individual

5. Make your case.

5.1. Show why change is needed

5.1.1. Create urgency!

5.2. Explain what the future can look like

5.2.1. Assure that the organization has the ability to get to that state

5.2.2. Demonstrate faith

5.3. Outline a roadmap that shows how to get there