Tools and Mobile Apps for Athletics

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Tools and Mobile Apps for Athletics by Mind Map: Tools and Mobile Apps for Athletics

1. Tools for Coaches on the Field/Court

1.1. Weather Bug: App and tool used for forecasting weather. Perhaps the most useful part is the lightning detection system that can use GPS to determine how far away the last strike was and follow district policies for lightning safety. Local and National Weather Forecasts, Radar & News | WeatherBug

1.2. First Aid: App created by the American Red Cross to help with decision-making with an injury. Does not replace having a certified athletic trainer, but can help with a situation on that random Saturday practice or tournament.

1.3. ACL Play it Safe: This app was created by Physical Therapist Trent Nessler and promotes a pre and post workout to help prevent lower extremity injuries. Also includes optional equipment for purchase.ACL Play It Safe on the App Store

1.4. Throw Like a Pro: App to help track pitch count, track rest days, and provide preseason exercises to prevent injury. Throw Like a Pro 2.0: A Baseball Injury Prevention App by Dr. Jim Andrews and Dr. Kevin Wilk on the App Store

1.5. Train Heroic: App that allows high school athletes access to college-level strength and conditioning programs. Especially useful when there isn't a CSCS or ATC at every practice or weight-training. TrainHeroic

1.6. CoachSmart: App that can be used to monitor heat index and determine when it's safe to play with extreme weather. CoachSmart app | Vanderbilt News | Vanderbilt University

2. Tools to Help with Recruitment

2.1. GameChanger: App that keeps track of baseball and softball states. Provides percentages and spray or shot charts. Good to keep more accurate stats. GameChanger Baseball, Softball

2.2. iScore: App, similar to GameChanger, but allows for sharing and transfer of information easier. Would allow a high school coach to communicate with recruiters. iScore Baseball | Features | iScore Sports

2.3. RecruitU: Tool and App that allows high school athletes to create account and share their info with college recruiters. RecruitU // Recruiting Tools & Services for Young Athletes

2.4. NSCA Athletic Recruiting: App that allows athlete to take control of their recruiting and communicate with the next level recruiters. NCSA – Get Recruited. Play Sports in College |

3. Tools for Communicating

3.1. Booster Prep Scores: App that allows AD to score updates to the app and fans can receive notifications directly to their phone Booster Prep Scores

3.2. Gmail: Tool through Google that allows for unlimited emailing, link directly to calendar, and unlimited cloud storage. Also save directly to Drive.

3.3. ScoreStream: App that allows fans to share scores, photos, videos and chat with each other all over the world. ScoreStream - High School & College Sports Scores

3.4. Remind101: Tool and app similar to texting that allows for acceptable communication between athletes, parents and coaches. Remind

3.5. PlayerLync: Tool and app allows for coaches and players to communicate. Useful for running scouting reports on upcoming teams. Modern Learning Software for the Mobile Workforce

4. Tools for Sharing Info

4.1. Youtube: Tool and app allows free access to all athletes to have coaches encourage players to look at certain designs, plays or scenarios. YouTube

4.2. i-Practice Builder: App that lets a coach build a practice that can be sent to other coaches and players. Especially useful in time of absence or to study today's practice plan. iPractice Builder

4.3. Twitter: App and Tool that can be very useful to promote a program and its achievements. Twitter. It's what's happening.

4.4. Instagram: Tool and App that a program or coach or administrator can use to promote the school and its achievements. Instagram

4.5. Facebook: Tool and App that when used with Instagram and Twitter, can allow information to be shared across all social media platforms. Help generate awareness and promote programs. Facebook – Anmelden oder Registrieren