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Meditation by Mind Map: Meditation

1. Relationships & Meditation

1.1. Its not a place to find fulfillment, fulfillment is within yourself.

1.2. Meditation is place to find fulfillment.

1.3. Meditation will help you relieve the stress so you can be more present during sex.

1.4. Meditation will help you build Mirror Neurons, which will help you mirror the pleasure of the partner.

2. Practice

2.1. During meditation use each of the sense.

2.2. Listen to the loudest and the softest noise through the ear.

2.3. Seeing the most noticeable and the most subtle thing through the eyes.

2.4. Smelling the strongest and softest smell through the nose.

2.5. Tasting the most obvious and the most subtle taste in the mouth.

2.6. Feeling the most tactile feeling and the most subtle feeling through the body.

2.7. Access the Intuition

2.8. This will help you be more present.

3. Practice II

3.1. Asking self the following question to understand your path in the universe.

3.2. What is the most pressing need of the time?

3.3. How my gifts serves the needs of the time?

3.4. Which of these gifts, do i actually want to do?

3.5. Which of these gift I want to do right now?

4. Tips

4.1. Balance Breathing, Paranyama Breathing. Do this before starting mediation

4.2. Do the following During Meditation - Thinking about the word one when starting mediation. - Think about the three things to be gratitude for, things that are going right in life.

4.3. Drinking Hot Water before every meal

5. Why?

5.1. Reduce Stress

5.2. Make better decisions.

5.3. Mental Agility

5.4. Be Happier and Healthier

6. Listening to Inner Voice

6.1. God and the self : Employer and Employee

6.2. God will delegate once you know how to do the given tasks, meditation will help you listen and complete the task.

6.3. Putting yourself before the "stuff"

6.4. Listen to the Intuition and Develop the Ideas in any and all ways. Take Baby Steps.

6.5. Know the What and Why! Not the When and Where!

7. Thoughts

7.1. During meditation, if a problem comes to the mind, think about the underlying imbalance, and how to resolve the underlying imbalance rather than the problem itself.

7.2. Meditation is a gym for the brain.

7.3. Mediate two times daily will help you build the life you want. Morning and afternoon.

7.4. Meditation will help you understand the unity of everything.

7.5. Meditation will help you be in more in tune with the bodies need.