ERGO: soul-movingly beautiful ergonomic therapeutics

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ERGO: soul-movingly beautiful ergonomic therapeutics by Mind Map: ERGO:   soul-movingly beautiful ergonomic therapeutics

1. Workflow

1.1. Marketing Glenn Kukkee

1.1.1. Concept Stage 1: SUPER-Easy startup. SUPER-Easy ordering and fulfilment. Customer feels Detailed. "I got what I hoped for" "Better than the Best quality hoped for" Satisfaction guaranteed: What would this mean? We'll have to detail it, since live-edge is impossible to guarantee for ourselves! It cracks, etc.

1.1.2. Venues What shall we use for a dead-easy startup marketplace? Etsy? URLs

1.2. Pre-Order Fulfilment

1.2.1. Ordering Online marketplace Phone/skype order confirmation Contractual Confirmation

1.3. Construction Randy Steifel

1.3.1. Design

1.3.2. Materials Procurement

1.3.3. Trades hiring

1.3.4. Pricing

1.4. Post-Order Fulfilment

1.4.1. Shipping Packaging Sending and Tracking Confirmation and Follow-up

1.4.2. Follow-up Our last customer IS our next customer! Our customers ARE our best advertising venue! Our products ARE our next-best advertising venue!

2. Suppliers

2.1. Wood Slabs

2.1.1. Martin? From Makerlabs

2.2. Bases

2.2.1. IKEA 'Bekant' electric base

2.2.2. IKEA "STARSKA" manually-cranked base

3. Concept

3.1. Better concepts.

3.1.1. Concepts that blow the mind Design step-ups that lead the industry Ergonomics that others will try to copy

3.1.2. Mental health and wellness Mentally, we put ourselves into a place where we're GLAD to be working there. Artistic, rewarding pieces that relax and uplift the soul

3.1.3. "Radical Ergonomics" Physically, we're willing to break all the rules, to make our physical environment into something that makes us HEALTHIER Un-doing "deskworker posture" with radically, fundamentally different philosophy to the conventional workstation Puts our bodies into corrected posture. Our work positions become instruments of better health

3.2. Better Impression.

3.2.1. Your co-workers will want to know more about it, and will want one for themselves

3.3. Better Construction.

3.3.1. Solid. Indestructable.

3.3.2. Quality workmanship. A woodworker, designer, ergonomicist, officeworker would all give an impressed thumbs-up

3.3.3. A pleasure to use.

3.3.4. Guaranteed. What do we guarantee, and how?