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Language and Dialect by Mind Map: Language and Dialect

1. Language and ethnicity are virtually synonimous. Coulmas (1999)

2. Dialect

2.1. A regional or social variety of a language.

2.2. Has an associated literary tradition.

2.3. Examples:

2.3.1. Oinic

2.3.2. Daric

2.3.3. Attic

2.4. Patois: Lacks such a literary tradition.

3. Language and Dialect taken into account to give knowledge of the concepts of power and solidarity.

3.1. Language

3.1.1. POWER Require some kinds of asymmetrical relationship between entites.

3.2. Dialect

3.2.1. SOLIDARITY Can lead people to preserve a local dialector an engaged or language to resist power.

4. Language is also considered as ethnicity, typical of a nation.

5. Language can be used to refer either to a singles linsguistic norm or to a group of related norms.

6. Language

6.1. is a set of sign that are used by a group. Example: Spanish, English, etc.

6.1.1. According to bell (1976)has listed seven criteria that may be useful in discussing diferrent kinds of language, Standarization: It focused in how a Language has been codified involving the development of grammar spelling books and dictionaries and possibly a literature. Vitality: It refers to the existence of a living community of speaker. Historicity: The fact a particular group of people find a sense of identify through using a particular Language. Autonomy: It refers a language must be felt by it is speakers to be different from other languages. Reduction: It is a particular variety may be regarded or a sub- variety rather than an independent entity. Mixture: feeling speaker about puriet of the variety they speak. Fact Norms: Feeling that many speakers have that are both " good" or "poor" speakers. so the good speakers represent the "best" usage.

6.1.2. Some language share most vocabulary different considerably in pronunciation..

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8. Language and Dialect are ambiguous terms. (Haugen,1966)

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