Neuro muscular (skeletal) system

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Neuro muscular (skeletal) system by Mind Map: Neuro muscular (skeletal) system

1. bio-electrical

1.1. Intercellular vs extracellular

1.2. Electrolyets

1.3. Action Potential

1.4. fundamentals of electricity and chemistry

2. Nuero system

2.1. The peripheral nervous system

2.1.1. Somatic Nervous System

2.1.2. Autonomous nervous System

2.2. The Central nervous system

2.3. Neuron Structure

2.3.1. Axon (Nerve Fibre) Myelin sheath Function: insulating fatty layer that speeds up the transmission of the electrical signal from the Neuron Nucleus Body to the axons Axon Terminal Synapes Schwann Cells Node of Ranvier axon hillock

2.3.2. Dendrites Sensory Receptor(s) Receptors protoplasmic processes

2.3.3. Soma (cell body) Nucleus

2.4. Types of Neurons

2.4.1. unipolar

2.4.2. pseudounipolar

2.4.3. bipolor

2.4.4. Multipolar

3. Muscle organ

3.1. Smooth Muscle

3.2. Skeletal Muscle

3.3. Cardiac Muscle

4. Materials & processes

4.1. Layers of body that need to be modeled

4.2. PVC and metallic poweder

4.3. Conductive Polymers

4.4. Fiber optical cables