Kath and Mouse

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Kath and Mouse by Mind Map: Kath and Mouse

1. Characters

1.1. Kathrine M

1.1.1. Mean Self conceded Bully Thinks she's better than everyone then in the end is alone

1.1.2. Antagonist Sister of Kevin

1.2. Helen

1.2.1. Quite girl friends with Kevin Shy Good singer

1.2.2. Protagonist

1.2.3. Head strong tries not to let Kath make her feel bad Doesn't retaliate when Kath does her wrong but showed her up when she sang great at the talent show

1.3. Kevin

1.3.1. friends with Helen Caring Ver protective of Helen

1.3.2. Brother of Kathrine

1.3.3. Forgiving Even though his sister was being mean to Helen he still sat with her in the end

2. Setting

2.1. At school

2.1.1. Talent show

2.1.2. Stage

2.1.3. Gym

2.2. Kevin and Kath's House

3. Plot

3.1. Conflict

3.1.1. Human to Human Human to Environment

3.2. Rising action

3.2.1. Kathrine calls Helen a mouse as she still continues to bully her

3.3. Climax

3.3.1. the day of the talent show kath thought she would do bad and get made fun of but Helen sang very well and people did the opposite and cheered her on

3.4. Falling Action

3.4.1. after the show Christina invited Helen to her party while Kath sat alone

4. Theme

4.1. Don't judge a book by its cover

4.1.1. No one knew that Helen was a good singer and just thought she was a shy person

4.2. Be yourself

4.2.1. You should always be yourself and try to be the bigger person in all situations that you may face