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System by Mind Map: System

1. Clients

1.1. Actions

1.1.1. Create new client

1.1.2. Email clients (Send)

1.2. Content

1.2.1. Client list Filters Search Last Action From Sat action to Assigned Seller Min Emails Min Meetings Cleint Actions Contnent Statistics Email list

2. File Archive

2.1. Actions

2.1.1. Refresh

2.1.2. Breadcrums

2.1.3. Upload

2.1.4. Add Folder

2.1.5. Filters Search Filter by Images Videos Documents Archives All

2.2. Content

2.2.1. Actions Delete Cut Copy Paste Download Share Password Rename Select Select all

2.2.2. Sort by

2.2.3. Folder / File Info Name Status (Shared) Saved for offline Upload Date Remove on App

3. Users

3.1. Filters

3.1.1. Search

3.1.2. Filter by Country Department Team

3.2. Actions

3.2.1. Delete user

3.2.2. Add new user

3.2.3. Manage country, department or team

3.3. Content

3.3.1. User Info First Name Last Name Email Country Department Team Meetings Emails Leads PC App IOS App IOS Mem. Status (Active) Actions

4. Company Settings

4.1. Editor settings

4.1.1. Default thumbnail (upload)

4.1.2. Fonts

4.1.3. Default font

4.1.4. Default list style color

4.1.5. Default font color

4.1.6. Company colors

4.2. App Layout

4.2.1. App background picture

5. User

5.1. Actions

5.1.1. Save

5.1.2. Cancel

5.2. User Profile

5.2.1. Edit User First name Last Name Street City Zip Country Email adress Phone Phone number Direct number Mobile number Working Title Password Password Confirm password Automatic time zone Timezone External storage Connect Reports Country Department Team

5.2.2. User assigned to Tags (Contrys)

5.3. Access Rights

5.3.1. Categories Country Team Department

5.3.2. Rights View stats Edit / add users edit presentation

5.3.3. Actions Publish presentation to child company

5.4. Email template

5.4.1. Create New Subject Message Text Styles

5.4.2. List of emails Data Name Actions

5.5. Email settings

5.5.1. Email Layout Select Preview

5.5.2. Select Email Server Use Prezentor's default email server (Sendgrid) Use onw SMPT server

5.5.3. Select which info emails you wish to receive from Prezentor Copy of sent emails Client opened email Client presentation statistics Your meeting statistics Copy of meeting notes

5.5.4. BCC recipient for CRM integration Type email

5.6. Agenda templates

5.6.1. Templates Template Styles Title Layout (Design)

5.6.2. Actions Add New Delete

5.7. Presentations

5.7.1. Filters

5.7.2. Presentations grid Content

5.8. Integration

5.8.1. Select CRM Provider

5.8.2. Translation agency Xplanation Languagewire

5.8.3. Translation Login Username Password Process code

6. Reports

6.1. Actions

6.1.1. Print

6.1.2. View List

6.2. Filters

6.2.1. Common fuctionality Search See all

6.2.2. Countries Countries list

6.2.3. Departments List of deparments

6.2.4. Team Team list

6.2.5. Users Users list

6.2.6. Date Week Mounth Quater Yeard Calendar Start date End date

6.3. Statistics

6.3.1. Who use it Top 5 cpuntries

6.3.2. Usage Development

6.3.3. Active users this period

6.3.4. Increase from previous period

6.3.5. How is it used

6.4. Info markers

6.4.1. Emails

6.4.2. Meetings

6.4.3. Meetings with Agenda

6.4.4. Notes

7. Presentations

7.1. Actions

7.1.1. Create new

7.1.2. Create new from PPTX

7.1.3. Filters Sort by Last Updated Newest Last published Not Published By Name By Creator By Views Seratch View options Editable presentations Viewable Presentations All Presentations

7.2. Layout

7.2.1. Last edited Actions Primary Secondary Content Name Created at (DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM) Created By Status

7.2.2. All Presentations Actions Open Copy Delete PDF View draft Cotent Name Updated date DD-MM-YYYY (?) HH:MM Size Privew Presentation / Navigation Actions Content Chapter