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History by Mind Map: History

1. The rise of Europe

1.1. The early Middle Ages

1.2. Feudalism and the Manor Economy

1.3. The Medieval church

1.4. Economic Expansion and change

2. The Renaissance and Reformation

2.1. The Renaissance in Italy

2.2. The Renaissance moves north

2.3. The protestant Reformation

2.4. Reformation Ideas Spreads

2.5. The Scientific Revolution

3. The French Revolution

3.1. On the Eve of Revolution

3.2. Creating a new France

3.3. Radical Days

3.4. The Age of Napoleon Begins

3.5. The end of an Era

4. The Muslim world

4.1. Rise of Islam

4.2. Islam Spreads

4.3. Golden Age of Muslim Civilization

4.4. The Ottoman and Safavid Empires

5. Kingdoms and Trading of Africa

5.1. Early civilization of Africa

5.2. Kingdoms of west Africa

5.3. Trade Routes of East Africa

5.4. Many people, Many Tradition

6. Human Rights